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Eating After Wisdom Teeth

Just had my wisdom teeth removed so I decided to take yesterday as a day of intermittant fasting so I didn’t eat for alittle over 24 hours. I wanted to take the next day or two to give my body a break from having to digest such large amounts of foods but wondered if ya’ll had any suggestions on healthy things I can still eat while I’m recovering that wont cause any problems where the teeth were removed. I have greek yogurt, some fruits, eggs, protein shakes and aside from that nothing is coming to mind. any help would be great

Just avoid solid foods. I ate solid food as soon as I could bear the pain but just blend as much as you can for the time being… I practically lived on cottage cheese, peanut butter and sugar free vanilla jello blended up with extra water. Tastes surprisingly good, TBH.

EDIT: I was fine with any combo of whey, PB, yogurt, raw eggs, egg whites, ground up oatmeal and apple sauce. I tried some V8 and other veggie combos but they were all awful.

Two scoops of wpi with a tablespoon of macadamia nut or extra virgin olive oil.

Rinse and repeat.

Just had my teeth out 3 weeks ago, still have to syringe the little holes in my mouth when I eat. Just avoid solid food until you are cleared to use the syringe to clean up food that gets stuck in your new holes (I had to wait 3 days). Once you’re cleared to use the syringe just eat normally, except avoid the really hard/crunchy foods for a couple weeks like you were told.

For the first 3 days all I ate was jello, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, and protein shakes. After that I ate everything i wanted, except peanuts.