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Eating After a Workout

How long should you wait before eating a meal after a workout? I used to take 6 aminos with gatorade immediately after my workout and then eat 1/2 hour later. I’m going to try Surge right before and after my workout but was wondering how long I should wait to eat following this plan. Any help would be appreciated.

About an hour to two hours. I prefer an hour. Surge digest quickly. Then have a solid protein and carb meal an hour or so after your Surge. Recovery is awesome with Surge.

Also check out article www.testosterone.net/articles/186nutri.html

ummmm i recommend eating within an hour after ending your workout…and this meal should be your largest meal of the day…if your trying to gain size…i recommend taking in 40 grams of protein, 100 grams of carbs, and some flaxseed oil.

I would recommend chugging a MRP right after your work-out! And then eat about 1/2hr-hour. why are you taking gatorade thats a pre-workout or during drink… Personally I think its not a great per-workout drink. I don’t think surge is right also for a pre-work out drink it designed for post work-out drink. You might want to try Ultimate Orange if thats still around as a pre-workout drink or if you like BioTest products try Power Drive or T2

Actually fitone, Surge is great for pre- or mid-workout according to John Berardi.

I would thought so also but in the ad in biotest on their web site it says post it might be a type…

Surge was made to be a post-workout drink but new research has found that pre-workout drinks are just as important if not more important. Berardi discusses this in his column at T-mag a lot. Read the appetite for constuction articles. The formula for pre and post is the same so Surge is great for pre-WO.

When dieting, do you guys still take your Surge serving pre/during workout and post or do you take both servings post??

So you guys who take surge pre-workout, do u mix it and drink all before you start your workout? I’ve always drank mine during the workout, starting after my first warmup set usually. That way I don’t have close to a liter of water in my gut when I start lifting. While I’ve never tried drinking it before, it seems when I drink it during I can stay focused and energized until the end of my workout.

Gatorade can be used at anytime what makes u think its a pre or during drink when its supposed to rehydrate your body. (key word RE-HYDRATE)

Yah you can go drink Gatorade all time and you’ll be fat as a motherfucker… Drink good old H20 to stay RE-HYDRATED!!!

Ever read the sugar contant in Gatorades? Its a hyper gylcimic drink. Not so good for you unless your a runner or doing high areobic work-outs there are better pre-work-out drinks such as Surge if you like Biotest products ext.
Actually the best pre-workout drink in my opinon was the ULTIMATE ORANGE does anyone know if its still out there haven’t seen it in Vitaman stores at all…

I would only use Gatorade pre amnd during work-out session