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Eating a Ton of Calories, Why Am I Still Hungry


Im 181 lbs 5’8 and i am consuming 3,500 calories monday thru friday and 2800 on saturday and sunday but yet i feel hungry in the morning. There is an 11 hour gap between my 2 meals due to my work schedule. But i figure if im eating enough 1 giant meal should keep me satisfied until my second giant meal.

To give you an idea of my activity level i Walk an average of 8 miles monday thru friday at work while doing 5/3/1 3 days a week with the boring but big template. Should i just do 3,500 every day of the week that would be an extra 1,400 calories per week.


Eat enough to meet your goals, don’t wprry what some calculator spits out at you. As for hunger, if you go almost half a day without food, you’re probably going to get hungry. It’s not an emergency.


If bulking and gaining weight at the rate you want, keep calories the same.
If weight is stable, increase calories.
If unacceptable fat gain occurs, lower calories.

If cutting and losing weight at the rate you want, keep calories the same.
If weight is stable, lower calories.
If unacceptable strength or muscle loss occurs, increase calories.

Not eating for 11 waking hrs will cause hunger regardless of how many calories you are eating before or after, especially if you are walking a lot. Even a protein shake, piece of fruit or something else easy/convenient can stave it off, but if that isn’t possible it’s something you’ll have to deal with.

Eating an extra thousand calories on the weekend won’t magically make their way into your thursday mid-day liver glycogen stores. You aren’t hungry because of a lack of overall energy, you are hungry because you lack energy at that moment.


Fun fact:

1 tonne of eggs ~= 1233887 kcals, 111931g Protein, 2644g Carbs, 87253g Fats


Are you eating a lot of high GI carbs? Try incorporating some slower carbs and maybe even some more fats and see if that helps. Also, unless you’re prepping for a bodybuilding show (but since you’re doing 5-3-1 im assuming you’re trying to build strength) I wouldn’t worry so much about the numbers. Eat as much as you need to stay satisfied and to keep building strength. You should be able to step on a scale or look in a mirror and know wither you consumed enough the day before.