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Eating a Slow Breakfast?

I have a hard time stuffing myself in the morning so i eat a breakfast over an hour or two. Is this ok? Or should i just suck it up and stuff myself.

I ussually go for a couple bowls of cereal, some fruit, 2 scoops of protein shake with milk and whatever else i can fit in my stomach. Then, i make oatmeal and potatoes or something and i end up finishing that an hour and a half later.

i think that’s pretty normal man. i get in about 1,000 calories in the 1.5 hours from waking till i leave the house. then i basically eat fruit, nuts, and jerky the rest of the morning. i bet you’d be feel alot less stuffed w/o the milk.

I’ve also found myself with a limited appetite in the morning (‘stuffed’ with just 4 eggs) but i found that eating a large meal before bed will make you VERY hungry come morning. It all has to do with how ‘on’ your metabolism is, and normally @ waking, its just waking up too.


I always wake up 30 min early so I can cook a big breakfast.It gets me going and gives me enough energy to workout like one serious Mother f$%#@*!.