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Eating a Low-Ph Diet

A thought occured to me after reading the old article from Charles Poliquin, “Question of Strength”
( http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1257805 ). Well after digesting the info about stomach acid levels and protein synthesis, I thought, instead of taking betaine hcl can’t you just eat the right foods to keep your stomach-acid levels low?

So if people were to take the infamous vinegar application before their carb meals as well as eating many low-ph foods, would this help to normalize their stomach-acid levels and therefore, an increased performance and physique? Just a thought…

Keeping the body’s ph levels alkaline does not equal keeping stomach acid low. Many digestive problems, including heart burn, are the result of low stomach acid, not excess acid.

That said, you’re on the right track in that eating alkalizing foods is good for recovery and overall health (and therefore body comp). That’s one reason why fruits and veggies are important.

I eat a large volume of veggies, but I still take betaine before a large meal, esp. if the veggies are mainly cooked, since their enzymes are pretty much gone. Betaine is cheap and effective. Apple cider vinegar is also great with carb meals, especially big ones.

ohh woops…looks like i got the two mixed up :frowning:

thx anyway though

i think you both may be a little confused, or just not making your points very clear. alkaline implies basicity. he’s asking if eating certain foods can actually increase the acidity of your stomach fluids.

regadless, vinegar is so weakly acidic compared to hydrochloric acid that it would probably not effect much change in stomach pH, but it’s probably better than downing a few glasses of bicarb in water.

fwiw, i’ve read of doctors in the past having patients drink dilute hydrochloric acid solutions to correct digestive problems. by no means am i suggesting that anyone here drink some HCl, but if you did, it wouldn’t be unheard of.

Increasing you alkaline base would increase you bicarbonate reserves, which in theory might help performance…although supps like beta alanine etc play specific roles in the removal of H+ during exercise, hence they are likely to have more acute effects.

Also, regarding fruits, some respected sources seem to indicate that low sugar fruits will increase alkalinity, but high sugar fruits, and especially juices, will increase acidity.