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Eating a Lot When it's Hot Out


It's summer time and I love it, trouble is I work outside and I'm currently trying to bulk. I don't know if everyone else has the same issue or if it's just me, but the heat just kills my appetite and I'm struggling to get in enough calories.

Any tips, tricks or helpful ideas would be great, also if there happens to be another thread with this already I'm sorry for starting this one and a link would be great. Thanks...


ice cream


I work for a moving company in the summer and I've been able to put on a few pounds this summer, even though I'm working hard in the heat all day. Working in the summer two years ago I lost almost 50 lbs, but I have worked harder to at least maintain my weight this summer.

The biggest mistake I made two years ago was that I wasn't getting enough protein.
This year I eat lots of eggs and turkey bacon with a cup of oatmeal most mornings for breakfast.

I have one or two 8 oz burgers each day, or another high protein sandwich or wrap. I don't usually eat so many carbs, especially from wheat, but it is the only way to eat enough and fast enough if you don't get long breaks. Accept that you may not be able to maintain an ideal diet if you are working outside doing hard labour.

I also have two 60g protein shakes during the day.I go for fruit flavours, because when it's hot out you may not want to be having any sort of chocolate or vanilla flavours.

I may also have a granola bar or something else with my shakes, especially the one in the afternoon if I'm going to the gym after work.

I haven't been as restrictive with carbs at dinner time, but usually it's my postworkout meal. Even if I don't have dinner until about an hour before I go to bed I will still have 1 or 2 scoops of a casein shake before I go to sleep.

I also haven't been eating as clean this summer, but I am relieved that I was able to maintain my weight and even put on a few pounds, while working hard all day. I am looking forward to school starting up again so I can eat healthier than I am right now.


Thanks for the contribution Chrion, and Bones, I'm not so sure if that'll cut it.

I'm having no problem getting in enough protein, it's getting in enough total calories is the problem. Basically since we got a heat wave a weak ago my appetite has gone way down so I'm having a hell of a time getting in as many carbs as I normally would. I've actually thought about saying fuck it to all the carbs and just drinking some olive oil, I'm pretty confident that would get me to where I need to be but I'd like to see more input from you guys.


Firstly liquid calories.

Additionally just do what a lot of us have to do, force-feed - just because I'm not hungry doesn't stop me eating.


Depends on what you can handle,and your most ideal diet. Get some dextrose powder and some protein of some type. If you cannot handle carbs well/don't want them (tho you may want them if you can't maintain weight) I landscape in South-East Virginia during summer and I rely on those 2.

Also, I was only given this advise, haven't tried it yet. To add fats to shakes w/o separation and chucks on the wall of the shaker cup add some lecithin powder, an emulsifier.... It's only word of mouth, just putting it out there if it helps bc I know most people don't handle oil straight.

PS if you can handle it add some coconut oil on your cup of hot coffee/tea. I did this in the am before I left for work, otherwise it's too hot. Get the good stuff if you can afford it, though I have been using the yellow-ish shit that is tasteless and processed bc of $ restraints. Olive oil shots are cool, but coconut oil kills olive oil for energy purposes bc of the MCT content... If you don't put coconut oil in something hot, or have it shaken well in something cold (tastes awesome is iced-shakes, especially chocolate bc it melts like the real deal) then make a blend of coconut oil and olive oil to liquefy it, or just leave it in a hot car, room, etc.

Last thought. Eat breakfast like a fucking king. If you don't shit during work you either didn't eat enough for breakfast or have a digestive problem, but probably the former.


Eat a huge meal before you go to work, before the heat "hits you"


Apart from eating alot for breakfast, i've found that spacing a bit more my meals - eating every 4-5 hours instead 0f 2-3 - allow me to keep my total caloric intake roughly the same. I dont know for you, but for me, its easier to eat alot in one sitting than eating several small meal when its very hot. Also,taking a break to eat when working outside - especially in the afternoon - makes me drowsy so its hard to stay motivated. So Execpt for lunchtime, I never take any breaks when working in the summmer heat - which means i can go home 30 min earlier to eat a good meal, instead of some crap i brought to work.


I'll second the liquid approach. I don't always feel like eating when it's especially hot out. Recently I purchased a nice high quality blender and have been getting quite creative with what I can throw in with some Met Drive and a full tray of ice cubes (did you know they have dark chocolate Peanut Butter?! -lol).



And white chocolate, and cinnamon swirl :slight_smile:


Sounds like you could benefit from just bringing and drinking a half gallon of orange juice with a bunch of leucine and glutamine added each day. Quenches thirst, good source of vitamins(c)/potassium, adds 900 liquid calories (+ amino's to support muscle). Cheap. Better that gatorade or soda obv.

When that gets boring start buying cranberry juice... and then pineapple...

Maybe throw some MAG-10 or whey in there.

On a hot day I can just pound cold (esp citrus/juice) drinks easy.

Just a thought.


Sorry, but this is a fucking terrible idea. Why not just buy a litre of 7UP daily and drink that? Have you ever tried drinking oj while it's hot? Your spit will resemble liquid cement. The blend your own protein shakes idea is great. I framed houses for a couple of summers and the liquid cals not only helped with the lack of appetite, but you can literally drink while you're working. Really helped me.


Wow, I'm actually pretty impressed with this thread so far. I'd like to give a thank you right off the bat, pretty much everyone has given great advice. Obviously I cant try all these things at the same time but I'm already drinking a large amount of protein throughout the day but I'll try adding some dextrose.

My breakfast is already what I would consider to be big for myself. It's 3 and a half cups of raw old fashioned oats in a large bowl drowned in milk and left cold uncooked, then about a half hour after I drink some protein. So I'm not sure if I should eat more for breakfast, my therory though is if I can manage it without making myself sick then why not? What do you guys think?


Man, get creative with your shakes. Why not blend a few cups of milk, a few scoops of protein powder, pb, oats, bananas and whatever else, put it in a large container and take it with you? Drink half mid-morning, eat your regular lunch during your designated break, then drink the other half a few hours later. Cheap, easy and super calorically dense.


I work outside. Today the heat index is 106. You are burning up calories for hours without replenishing. If you got a black hole of a metabolism, try this. First, start eating fruit out there. It will help with energy and appetite. Second, buy chocolate milk by the gallon. Mix in heavy whipping cream(buy the big size). The stuff is very calorie dense. So the more of this stuff you use the more potent the drink becomes. Take this on ice and drink it during the day. You may not get hungry but you do get thirsty. Weigh yourself every day after work. If your weight is still dropping make it more potent with the whipping cream.