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Eating a Good Bit of Pork?


I've seen a lot of people's diets on here and they all seem to contain a lot of chicken breast....if i plan to make up a good portion of my protein intake from pork (much cheaper here then chicken) are there anythings that i should be aware of?

thanks in advance!


pork tenderloin can be very lean. Other cuts, not so much.

Also, the reason that bacon tastes good is because God loves you, and wants you to be happy.


Well a lot of pork cuts are fatty. I find the best way to cook these are in sauce, usually curry for me, (very healthy)! But you know, works in whatever dish you like really, just slow cook it so the meat is left tender. Pork is good.


It is simply due to pork being higher in fat than chicken or turkey.. which is the exact reason it tastes so much better!


Pork tenderloin IS very lean and a very good alternative to chicken breast. When selecting pork just be sure that the word LOIN is in the product description. All other cuts of pork, with the exception of LOIN, has a higher fat content. I have found that when cooking these cuts it is best to use a higher heat/ faster cooking method such as grilling or pan searing. Be careful not to overcook it because it WILL dry out and not be very pleasant.



Pork is phenom! It almost all i ate the last 3ish months cause it was cheaper than a song in montreal.

Great amino profile, great taste even to the loin cuts and absorbs flavours well.

I doubt i will ever purchase chicken breast again. so pricey and so blegghh.



can you bbq pork just like a steak? anything special about grilling it?


Actually things like pork chops and tender loins are just as lean as chicken breasts. This doesnâ??t include things like bacon, but chicken can be fatty too. Eating the skin with the chicken is really no better fat wise than ground beef.

A lot of the leanness of all meats is in the cut and preparation as much as the animal. Chicken has this mythical quality of being healthy and lean, where pork is fatty and bad, and itâ??s just not true.

The same can be said for beef.


thanks for the feedback...and i do agree that pork is much better tasting then chicken...even the lean cuts of pork are quite tasty


The lesser the legs the leaner the meat. Take that home with you chew it.


Yes, you can bbq pork just like a steak. You do, however, must be sure to cook it to an internal temperature of 135 degrees or better. This would equate to a "medium" doneness
if you were grilling beef. So, if you like yor steak rare to medium rare your not going to
pull that off with pork.


I have a grilled pork loin recipe here:


about half-way down the page.


Pork contains a good dose of creatine (so does beef and certain fish) and is a great alternative to chicken. Just make sure it's lean just like others on here have already mentioned.


Just checked out your recipe SteelyD, it lookes awesome. Gonna try it out tomorrow on pork tenderloins I picked up today. Since the tenderloin is much smaller in diameter than the loin I think I'll omit the carrots and use apple juice in the marinade in lieu of the apples.


Apple juice and pork go great together.Found a recipe that called for it and was blown away at how good it tasted.

A friend of my sister had stomach problems and her nutritionist asked her if she ate alot of pork.She told her some but not alot.She stopped eating pork and her problems went away.The reason was that pork is very close to human flesh or something like that and some people have a problem digesting it.Weird.


Thanks for the advice ButcherMan and SteelyD