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Eating 3x or 5-8x a day for strength

I know the positives about eating 5-8 times a day when it comes to minimizing fat gain when trying to gain muscular size and strength. But if the goal is just to gain size and strength without much of a focus on how much fat gain is added, are there still benefits to eating 5-8 times a day as compared to 3? My main thinking on this matter would be that eating bigger meals would cause greater insulin spikes, therefore contributing to more amino acid and glycogen storage, but I’m not quite sure what the difference would be in how much protein would be digested. If I want to get about 250-300 grams of protein digested a day, would I be able to digest 100 grams in one meal. And if so, would the oxidation rate increase with consuming that amount, therefore in the end having my body use less protein for synthesis of muscle. I have a very big stomach, so would have no problem consuming 5000 calories a day or more in three meals (or less even). would like to get some opinions on this subject. Mike

I suggest Massive Eating at least 6 times a day. Quality not quantity. With Massive Eating and the correct fats, you can manipulate insulin. This will make .1mg of insulin from a small insulin spiking meal better (more delievered from heightened insulin response) than a big meal with .5mg insulin released. If you only consume insulin spiking meals, which you would have to eating 3X daily, you would become more and more desensitized to insulin.

Eating only 3x a day will make you too catabolic. Providing a steady stream of aminos is essential to avoid muscle breakdown.
If you’re going for maximal strength I would emphasize fat and protein since training for maximal strength requires minimal stress on your glycogen stores, hence the lower carbs (I’m not advocating a keto diet, you still need some carbs to keep cortisol in check).