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Eating 2 Times Per Day


Hey guys, over the next few weeks, I only have the availability to eat 2 times a day. Anybody have any suggestions on how I could do this without screwing myself up too bad?

This isn't a long term thing, I would prefer if you could give me principles versus just straight menus.


You can't even eat some protien bar or something....if this is something for a meeting or something just say you have to go to the bathroom and eat a protien bar on the walk to the restroom or something like that.


What are your goals?

I recently read where monster powerlifter Donnie Thompson put on a ton of bodyweight by dropping his meals to only two huge ones per day. Of course this isnt very healthy and it wont give you a nice aesthetic physique, but if you just wanted to get really big and strong, its something you might want to look into. Unfortunately, I dont have details on what kinds of meals he was eating.


Look into the Warrior Diet. Chris Shugart interviewed the author here at T-Nation. It's a once-per-day plan. I'm sure you can do a two-per-day plan just fine.

Have you ever gone out to a huge breakfast? When I do that, I don't eat again until about 5 pm (because I can't).


I do well with 3 meals a day and am bulking good on that too. As said above have a big breakfast. I have a pretty large bowl of oats with cane sugar, milk, 6 tablespoons of ground flax with a plop of apple sauce- then [as a lacto-vegetarian] I have an onion, tomato, tofu sauteed in ext.virg. olive oil with 4 slices of very good whole wheat grain bread [the kind with lots of grains added on the crust too]/ margarine and peanut butter topping that, and with all that, a glass of OJ. Very filling and highly nutritious.


I remember talking to some guy at my gym one day back when I must have only weighed about 200lbs. He was in ridiculous shape, probably weighing about 200 himself at around 5'10" with what must have been around 7% body fat. I asked him how many times he ate in a day (thinking that the only way to achieve that type of look was to eat several times a day) and his response was "twice".

One thing that you will learn is that there are no rules in bodybuilding that work best for all people. I seriously doubt you would tell this guy it was unhealthy or that he couldn't reach his goals. There is NOTHING wrong with eating twice a day. It will, however, lend yourself to a less than optimal environment for constant saturation of nutrition...however, some people build and maintain more protein than others even if their diet is the same. That is why genetics are the primary reason most people look the way they do based on their training.


What is a "huge" breakfast to you?


You aint gonna fuck your self up as long as you are getting enough calroies and nurtients it shouldnt matter.


Best reply I've read in a month! Good stuff ProfX


5 egg omlette with cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes etc., 3-4 sausage links, 4 slices of bacon, 4-5 pancakes, wheat toast w/ jelly, glass of cranberry juice, glass of OJ, 2 cups of coffee, apple and corn muffin.

And my friend, Ritchie ate more than I did. My wife's family owns a breakfast place.

I hope that's huge to most humans.


It's what Professor X said. It's not optimal, but it doesn't preclude you making great progress. Why can you only eat 2 times a day? I personally could never do it. I'm hungry a few hours after eating whether it's a small meal or enormous meal.


I'm VERY busy and I eat,atleast,6 times a day. Usually 8-9 times a day.Sometimes 10 when I'm being a real pig. You can ALWAYS make time. Bring protein bars with you to work if you have to.I can't see why you wouldn't have time for that.Lmao.If you're trying to build muscle and keep the insulin in check you should be consuming protein every 3 hours. I'm sure you can find time to dude.


Aside from the coffee and sausage, I eat that way daily when gaining. I just hate sausage and coffee. I am usually hungry again before 9am.


Again, I find myself getting sucked into a trivial debate over a trivial point.

Great! You can eat a bunch of crap and be hungry sooner than me. You da man!


It wasn't trivial. It struck me as odd that someone into bodybuilding can eat a "huge" breakfast and then not eat again until late afternoon. It made me wonder about the progress you are making. It didn't have shit to do with bragging about how much food I eat. Not to mention the fact that your stats list you at 260lbs. I personally don't know too many 260lbs people who are into any type of regular weight training and can go all day without eating again. At 12%, that is a decent amount of lean body mass which should mean an increased metabolism.


Ummmm, never said I was into "bodybuilding" but anyway...

I guess I normally eat alot cleaner than the breakfast I described. Must be the junk overload slowing my digestion down.
Please do not concern yourself with my progress. Our bodyweights are very close, my hieght is greater and by BF% is lower. So I'm satisfied with my development.

But feel free to try and top my reply with a story of how much more you can do at whatever task. You're very good at it.


Add me to that list of people that can do this.


What more I can do? I'd rather ask someone how they aren't into bodybuilding but weigh 260lbs at 12% body fat. Do you mean you are simply into powerlifting?


Are you fat?


Right or wrong, bodybuilding appears to be about symmetry and appearance while perhaps only touching on performance. In that case I am NO bodybuilder.

Each time I train, I use at least 1 powerlifting movement, an olympic variant (hang snatch etc.), a strongman event, and sled work. I do hill sprints, carries for distance, time, weight etc. I also warm up with agility/mobility training.

I believe having great strength, strength endurance, speed, agility and flexibilty is the Holy Grail of physical development. And it dictates my training methods.

I guess my genetics and training have allowed me to attain and maintain my physical measurements but my appearance comes in a distand second to performance.

By the way, that huge breakfast and my not eating until late afternoon happens so infrequently that I'm sure it's of no consequence to my development. I suppose if I ate like that more frequently I'd adapt to it and be hungry sooner. Right now it'd be a shock and put me on the toilet until 5pm. At which point I'd go back to eating "clean".