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Eat Your Yolks.


Youve heard it before when you stand in line at the checkout in a supermarket with 40+ eggs and people are looking at you thinking what he gona do with them. Shove them up my ass what do you think? Then the checkout girl asks are you gona eat all them? YES YES YES. This happens every time.

THen at work for breakfast i have my 6-8 eggs and all i hear people saying to me your CHO must be so high, again i hear this every day.

One day i had enough and went and got my CHO measured just to shut these people up and to mind there own fucking business.The reading came out so Low that it coulnt be read on the machine,and was based at 2 or around that IT WAS LOW.
Im gona get T-shirts made saying my CHO is fine so fuck off!

So even hough i eat the whole egg every day my CHO level is very low and that is probably due to the fact that we train.
What these people dont know is there is good CHO and bad CHO and eggs are full of LDL (low density lipids a good CHO) so there easily digestable and there rich in omega 3.
SO EAT YOUR YOLKS,and if anyone says anything to you, buy one of my t-sirts, itl save your breath and their face.


They don't know this, because it isn't true. Any of it. I do not believe you could have stated something more incorrect.

Thanks for the hilarious post.


Dietary cholesterol has almost nothing to do with cholesterol levels, good or bad.


OP you're confused. LDL cholesterol is the bad, HDL is the good.


Yea I had negative CHO once, the machine couldn't read it so the Dr. said it must be a negative number..it was awesome. I told 3 girls at the supermarket that my CHO was negative 37.5 (didn't want to over do it and say -40) and they came over with their mom's for an all omelet CHO orgy...true story


If Tory Lane was in it I would accept that as a valid script for a porn movie.

She could pull it off.


Did I mention that Tori Lane was the Dr? She was like OMG your CHO is soooo low gimme your eggs and shoot yolks at me... no, meh I tried


ha ha...

Shoot yolks at me...



First, it is "shoot yolk all over me" and second, you don't try hard enough son.


SON...SON, feck off grandpa.. I kid, just looking for laughs I'm quite bored this evening


My mistake man i never read over what i write, i stand corrected HDL is the good. Thanks buddy


I might just join you..


i agree with the original poster's take-home message that eggs are damn good for you, but they contain neither ldl nor hdl. they contain cholesterol. hdl and ldl are lipoproteins that carry cholesterol. the smaller the lipoprotein, the stickier it is in the arteries, and this is what might be involved in disease processes.

the amount of cholesterol that is oxidized from inflammatory processes, etc. is probably what is driving the associations with disease, not cholesterol itself.


what i got from this was...

the next time someone goes 'hey are you going to eat all of those' i'm going to say 'no, i'm goingto shove them up my ass'


Saturated fats are more likely the cause of some peoples high levels of chol, not dietary chol as already mentioned. But yea, most people believe eggs are very bad :slightly_smiling: