Eat Your Greens - Man Salads

Tonight I made “Man-Salad”. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but after you read my recipe I am hoping you will think it more of a redundant term. Actually my wife, gave me the idea for the name after I told her what I was doing. She said great, “once you make it you can invite your dad over for salad”. I have to admit I had the thought halfway through, “this looks like a bowl of compost”, but once I tasted the final product, I knew my wife would like it…and she did.

The basic idea is to get all of your salad ingredient mixed into a kind of “slaw” that you can just add to lettuce and spinach and top with dressing and viola! Salads quick and easy all week. This recipe makes enough ingredients for 5-7 huge man salads or 10-14 lady salads. So here is the recipe and instructions.

1 red cabbage
8-10 Roma tomatoes
1 jalapeno pepper two for more spice
1 large yellow onion
1 red pepper
1 bag baby carrots
1 bunch of cilantro
1/4 cup of raisins
1/4 clove of garlic
lemon and lime juice

tools you will need
cutting board and sharp knife
food processor or grater, or banjo slicer or a lot of patience and just the knife.
huge mixing bowl that you can cover and throw in the fridge

Basically you are making a slaw/salsa, that is the perfect salad topping and should last you all week.
The key to great slaw is great texture and that comes from either a lot of work with a banjo slicer or a food processor that comes with a slicing/grater attachment.

1.Cut up the cabbage into sizes that fit into your food processor, you can also take the time to cut around the cabbage core and peel off the outside leaves to give your self the best part of the plant. Next shred the cabbage and put it in your man sized bowl.
2.Next comes carrots, for these you need to change to the grater attachment for your food processor. I use baby carrots because I like peeled carrots on my salad and they are super convenient. Take the whole bag of babies empty it into your processor and grate them up, just make sure they do jump back out at you. Once you have grated the bag of carrots mix those into the bowl with the cabbage.
3.Next comes cilantro and jalapeno and garlic, just grate this using the same grater attachment as the carrots, and into the bowl
4.Dice up your Tomatoes and your Onion and Red Pepper and mix these into the man bowl. This is probably the most time consuming part of the whole operation, but the texture of diced tomatoes and onions and sliced red peppers to me makes it worth the extra effort not to be eating mush on Friday.
5.Add your raisins and lemon and lime juice, I think you can pretty much add these to taste but I do 2/1 lemon/lime juice and that seems to work pretty well.
6.Let sit in your fridge overnight and you will have an awesome convenient salad topping, that goes great with your favorite vinaigrette dressing.

It can’t be a man salad since it’s missing the key ingredient - MEAT. :slight_smile:

Man salad = steak

Man salads? Some people use syrup, but I prefer jelly.

A bit more on topic, I’m a member of a local organic CSA farm, so I’ve been getting weekly deliveries of two or three grocery bags worth of fresh vegetables that I need to make use of. I’m doing something similar to your recipe, basically dicing everything and throwing it together in a bowl.

I also recently rediscovered white balsamic vinegar, which is a nice change of pace from the usual balsamic or apple cider.

my man salad:

about 6 cups of spinach (I pretty much hate lettuce…)
Diced roma tomato
Blue cheese or feta cheese
Diced purple onion
cherry peppers
Steak. A lot.

Me gusta.

Also, raisins are thuper ghey.

I actually like to buy the Taco-seasoning packets in the supermarket, brown a huge amount of chopped beef, and just put it over a typical ‘greens’ salad with some shredded cheese and salsa.


What a great first post. Do you have a recipe for a “bird salad”?

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I don’t know. “bird salad” hmm… Maybe the same thing with roasted sunflower seeds.

I think the OP meant to say that “He tossed his mans salad”… cause this thread is ghey