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Eat to Live, Eat to be Big


This is the food equivalent of the BOI thread. It is in the bodybuilding section because this isn't about eating "healthy" or to maintain a weight class. This thread is for the guys eating to either be or look like bodybuilders - or at the very least big, bad mofo's. Here is your chance to show and track the part that fuels those badass workouts posted in BOI.

6/2 - OFF DAY, which means low carb

7:00 - 3 whole eggs, 4 slices 95% fat free turkey bacon, 1 like chorizo sausage.

10:00 - 1 scoop whey protein in water, 1 cup strawberries, 8 oz grilled pork tenderloin

12:15 - 8 oz lean hamburger

1:30 - 2 table spoons peanut butter on WW ritz

3:00 - 4 oz grilled sirloin, 4 oz grilled chicken breast

5:00 - 10 oz Italian Beef, spinach salad

6:00 - handfull of Almonds

still to come...

8:00 - 1 scoop whey/cassein blend in water

9:00 - handful of Almonds



5 Weetbix
250mL Trim Milk
1/2 teaspoon sugar
2 pieces wholemeal toast
peanut butter and margarine spread
250-300mL OJ

Late Morning Snack
1 Apple
1 150g yoghurt

160g Chop Chop Chicken (1016kJ; 32.4g protein)
Gluten Free Rice&Corn Snacks
Muesli Bar (granola bar in the US, I think)

Afternoon Snack
Wholemeal bread peanut butter sandwich

Pre Workout
250mL Trim Milk
75g Yoghurt
3 scoops protein powder

Post Workout
250mL Trim Milk
75g Yoghurt
3 scoops protein powder

Dinner (example dinner - usually the only thing during the week that changes for eating)
1/2 cup uncooked rice (I do cook it)
200-250g lean meat
lots of vegetables (tomatos, mushrooms, pumpkin)

100mL trim milk + 2 scoops protein powder

EDIT: forgot I usually take 2 fish oil tabs in the morning, and 2 more at night.


Just now

2 scoops whey
4 cups water
1 cup milk
2 tbs walnut oil (this stuff is the shit, a recommendation for Waylandah as he too is doing something similar)
1 shit ton of ice
1 cup of oats

Blend and enjoy. It tastes literally like chocolate walnut cookies. NO BULLSHIT, its that good


That sounds pretty freakin tasty!!! I think I'll be trying that one.


I had to ditch my blender (magic bullet), was using it so much it started smoking. Now I just use a whisk or a fork and mix the shit out of my shakes.


1 cup oats
1 scoop Grow! Whey
1 apple
2 cups whole milk
3 Flameout

1 scoop Grow! Whey
1 apple
1 banana
2 cups 2% milk

Post Workout
1 scoop Grow! Whey
2 cups V8

1/2 large meat lover's pizza
1 scoop Grow! Whey
3 Flameout

1 can black beans
8oz. steak
1 tbspn EVOO
1 tbspn maple syrup
1 cup spinach

About 4,000 kcal for the day.
I'm loving my Magic Bullet, I really hope it doesn't start smoking soon! I used it at least twice a day.


Took a shake to bed with me last night for the first time ever.

I'm getting body fat done next week so will be re-evaluating eating volumes after that (getting nutritional analysis done as well).

Last body fat I test I had (14%) was when I was just under 90kg just under a year ago. Now I'm knocking on the door of 98-99kg and am curious to see what kind of progress I've made with girths and skinfolds. I'm a bit anxious/excited.......


Here's my diet, Day 2 of a little recomp. Most days are variations of today, except with more beef / steak / hamburger.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
Protein Shake (Skim 2 oz) C+C - 420 cal / 34 g carb / 64 g protein / 2 g fat
5 oz Banana - 125 cal / 30 g carb / 0 g protein / 0 g fat

2 Scoops Surge Recovery - 330 cal / 44 g carb / 25 g protein / 4 g fat

2.6 oz. Chicken Breast - 125 cal / 0 g carb / 24 g protein / 2 g fat
4.6 oz 90/10 Ground Beef - 225 cal / 0 g carb / 28 g protein / 8 g fat
4 String Cheese (Lite) - 240 cal / 0 g carb / 32 g protein / 10 g fat

8.8 oz. Chicken Breast - 415 cal / 0 g carb / 78 g protein / 8 g fat
2.2 oz Peanuts - 350 cal / 14 g carb / 18 g protein / 32 g fat
4 String Cheese (Lite) - 240 cal / 0 g carb / 32 g protein / 10 g fat

4 oz Peanuts - 640 cal / 24 g carb / 28 g protein / 56 g fat

4 String Cheese (Lite) - 240 cal / 0 g carb / 32 g protein / 10 g fat

3 Scoops Whey - 360 cal / 12 g carb / 72 g protein / 3 g fat

Totals - 3700 cal / 158 g carb / 433 g protein / 145 g fat

I swear I don't normally eat quite that much cheese, but it is a heavy staple in my diet.


Who likes math?

1-6 eggs, 320z milk, 1 rockstar
2-4 amino acid pills, 2 liver pills, 32oz milk
3-Corn dog, 2 large order of fries, 32 oz milk
4-3 amino acid pills, half gallon of chocolate milk for during the next 3 hours
5-steak, mashed potatoes, corn from the garden, go back for seconds, 32oz milk
6-3 amino acid pills, 4 liver pills
7-32 oz milk
8-32oz milk

Damn..I drink around 2 gallons of milk a day. Never realized that. Calories? Someone do the math for me.


BTW I feel like a sinner for being the only dirty eater here.

Thank you early 20s!


Hey, 21 (in two freaking weeks) here.

Don't thank the age, thank the genetics no doubt.


.. wat do u put the maple syrup on?. or r u doing it like the evoo? reminds me of super troopers. "when the boys get that syrup in them they get all antsy in their pantsy"


Post-workout @ El Pollo Loco

3 chicken breasts (skin-off about 4-6oz per)
1 drumstick
1 thing of Spanish Rice
8 flour tortillas
2 things of steamed veggies
1 Churro

Meal cost: $13.86

I have no clue what the macros are but it was a stone's throw away, I was hungry, and the bird is always good at El Pollo. I should have gone to the Chinese/Japanese buffet after I handed over 15 bucks for my meal. I pay 8.99 regardless if its dinner time because the owner thinks of me eating there as a sport. Just like the owner/father-in-law (BWA HA HA HA) down in a joint in a certain latin american country. He literally sits in my booth (he's done that once) and watches me eat all wide-eyed. lol "You cost me too much money to eat here" he says chuckling. Cool dude


That is quite possibly the most delicious shake idea I've ever seen. Good enough for GB is good enough for me.


LOL "1 shit ton of ice"

I honestly haven't found walnut/mac oil yet. My kroger store just seems to have a huge shelf of EVOO and regular, that's it. I want to become a connoisseur of oils and they are messing me up!

My shake is so gross now, I have the unflavored protein and all I taste is the EVOO, ew.

BTW funny shit...I brought 25 lbs of cream colored protein to my house tonight, it came in a big ass unmarked plastic bag. After 15 minutes I had them completely convinced it was actually raw testosterone powder, that I could make 500 cc's per pound and sell 10 cc's for $100. They were freaking the fuck out lol, I had a whole elaborate story about how a dirty cop was doing the brewing for me and that I had thousands of dollars buried in my parents back yard. They ate up every word haha.

I almost decided to let the story play out but decided that would really suck if they couldn't keep their mouths shut and I end up with a SWAT team busting down my door for having 25 lbs of test powder lol.


Here's my diet for the time being, will be introducing more milk shortly.

1: 8 whole eggs, 2 cups oats
2: 3 scoops whey, 1 cup oats, 3 tbsp EVOO, water (shake
3: 2 chicken breasts 1 cup oats
4: (Pre workout) 3 scoops waxy maize+4 scoops whey in water
5: (post workout) ditto #4
6: 1.5 lbs ground beef +bowl of spinach leaves
7: Same shake as #2
8: 2 chicken breasts + bowl of spinach leaves

Then I eat natural PB and drink milk until I fall asleep lol. (inability to promptly fall asleep is my nemesis)


guerilla zen this is a fucking great idea for a thread

however, "Live To Eat, Not Eat To Live" might have been a catchier title.

just something to think about.


100g oats, 35g whey, 5g bcaa, 2 fishoil, 1 vitamin, animal cuts

300g veggies, 100g chicken, 25g nuts

300g veggies, 100g chicken, 25g nuts

300g veggies, 140g fat-fish

15:30 (pre-workout)
40g oats, 20g carbs, 20g whey

16:30 (post-workout)
30g whey, 10g bcaa, 60g carbs

500g veggies, 200g lean meat

140g chicken, 20g peanutbutter

About 2900 kcal atm, only 4 more weeks to go!


Man I thought I ate a decent amount... until I saw what you're eating.

1.5 lbs of beef in one sitting? That'd kill me.


Today is Back/Biceps which is a moderate carb day for me
Meal 1: 2 cups oats, 1.5 scoops protein powder
Meal 2: 1.5 cups brown rice and 4 ounces chicken breast
Meal 3: pre/during/post workout protocol
Meal 4: same as meal 2
Meal 5: 1 cup oats, 1.5 scoops protein powder
Meal 6: 1 cup brown rice and 4 ounces chicken breast
Meal 7: 10eggwhites and 2 cups of broccoli