Eat This Kind of Bread

Even if you think bread is a devil carb, there’s one type you should be eating. Take a look.

Sourdough Bread: The Doughy Version of Sauerkraut

Sourdough bread is made by mixing flour and water and allowing the mixture to ferment. When it turns sour and gassy, it’s used as leavening to make dough rise. Then, a little bit of unused dough is saved to make leavening for the next batch.

Millions of yeasts and billions of lactobacilli go to work on the dough. The result is an incredibly complex bread that contains a ton of nutrients including B1-B6, B-12, vitamin E, selenium, manganese, calcium, etc., in addition to complex proteins and fatty acids. Furthermore, sourdough pretty much shoots down any reason people might have for not eating bread:

  • The gluten it contains has been broken down by the bacteria into its constituent amino acids.
  • The bacteria have produced acetic, propionic, and lactic acid, which have reduced starch availability, thereby lowering the glycemic index and improving glucose metabolism in general.
  • The acetic acid also acts as a bread preservative.
  • Sourdough bread has a nominal amount of phytic acid, thus allowing your gut to absorb most of sourdough’s nutrients.



Very good information. Thanks!
But, the source of wheat is of utmost importance.
Because in the USA all grains and legumes, organic or not, are desiccated with Glyphosate.
Glyphosate contamination in grains and foods: An overview - ScienceDirect

This really is bad news, because Glyphosate, or herbicide Roundup, causes cancer and is fertilizer for many other cancers such as breast, colon, skin, prostate etc.

It shocked me to find out that USDA Organic labels can be put on grains that were soaked in weed killer right before harvest.
So, if you’re eating bread made with USA wheat, barley, oats, etc. you’re eating Glyphosate.

Best to source non-commercial grains, or get imported from countries that ban the practice.

Now, it’s also important to write your rep and tell them to get big agra money out of government. Write the USDA and tell them, “Shame on you!”
And what’s the EPA for if not to protect our environment from crap like this.
The whole darn system doesn’t work in our favor.

Be aware.
Be wise.


It’s nice to see American cares😐

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What is your source for the claim that even organic foods are dessicated with glyphosphate?

I knew there was a reason I liked sourdough bread! :muscle: :yum:

The first post is incorrect. Glyphosate is not allowed on organic grains. There have been cases of overspray, but organics do not allow Roundup, or any other chemical pesticide.


Dangerous misinformation. Sourdough is NOT safe for those with celiac disease.

This is patently false.

So what countries should we be buying our sour dough from bro?

I will reserve recommendations for multiple reasons, but best to do research yourself, then buy.
I do not eat grains. My gut hates them, even the fermented kind. Grains in my gut cause all kinds of issues, so I opt for the veggies and meats. I have better tolerance for Italian grown, and if it comes down to beers, the Belgian kind, but I rarely have a beer but opt for natural wines, NOT from USA but Georgia, Armenia, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia and Italy.

My meats, I stay away from USA commercial, but chose to hunt my own or get it from farmers that treat their animals with honor and respect. Australian lamb is very clean and delish.

My greens from farmers I know that do not spray. Holes on the leaves tell a true tale.

Yes they do.
Are you testing your “organic” grains?
Many, many independent tests are done on commercial organics and still glyphosate is found.

Sure, FDA, EPA all have standards for minimum safe doses, but do you trust them?
What is the minimum safe dose of glyphosate for your gut?
For how long have humans been exposed to glyphosate?
How many billions of tons have been put into our environment?
Don’t you think this should be banned?

It’s your body. It’s your choice.
Do as you feel.

For me, I don’t care about USDA Organic label.
USDA is corrupt.
USDA is a big agra protector, and killer of the small family farmer.

These agencies were created to protect us, not corporate interests. Yet, what do we have now?
It’s only because our masses’ vigilance have laxed that they get away with the crap they pull.
Peel back the onion. You’ll see.
Education is our only bastion of protection.

Stay healthy!
Be well!

Is it just me, or does it seem like the world is actually trying to kill us off … it’s not paranoia if someone is actually out to get you!

“We have a disease economy, and an outbreak of health would collapse it”. I heard that recently in a podcast, and it’s an interesting point to ponder.

But, of course, to contrast that: “That which does not kill me makes me stronger”, also a great profound quote…but also from a man that suffered a severe mental breakdown at 33 and spent the remainder of his short life as a vegetable.

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Well that makes it better :sob: