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Eat Stop Eat

hey guys, anyone of you tried this eat stop eat lifestyle. watched a few videos of the guy promoting this stuff on youtube his talking does make sense about insulin and growth hormone but am still not sure to go ahead and incorporate this style of eating am about 9% bodyfat trying to get to it to 6-7%, also on his website www.eatstopeat.com he says you can eat what you want on the rest of the days when your not fasting i think thats wat he said not sure, wtf!! really how bout i eat mcdonalds for 5 days and fast for 2days haha, and says to fast 1 or 2 days a week.
also talks about some excersise you can do while fasting…wtf! sounds insane.

any thoughts ideas, or any of you tried it?

I think you really have no idea.

Fasting for 2 days, huh?

nah not 2days in a row he says twice a week something like tuesday and saturday maybe or even ojust once… its driviving me more crazy as i research more into this topic lol.

while there has been many strategies involving fasting, I’m thinking this is probably the dumbest one I’ve heard about yet

if by fasting for 2 days you mean only eat about 2000 calories/day for two days, then maybe there’ed be a small chance that i’d possibly consider the idea of bothering to go to that website. but i’m just gonna play it safe and assume it’s a crock.

I read the advertisement on the site and there are some things that are true and some that are not. Lets take a look at the “myths and facts” as they apply to biochemistry since that is my area of expertise.

myth 1: A good weight loss programs needs to be complicated, with calorie cycling and special charts and graphs telling what to eat and when to eat based on your specific metabolic type / blood type / birth stone / horoscope sign.

I completely agree with this. It has been shown in many studies that for weight lifters/athletes 1-1.5 grams of protein ber pound of bodyweight is ideal to provide the amino acids and whole proteins needed to preserve and/or build muscle mass. Carbs and fats should be divided up equally and adjusted to meet individual needs based on personal experience.

myth 2: Intermittent Fasting is only for young people and itâ??s just another type of diet fad

‘Fasting’ of any type or even any drastic change in daily caloric intake (over 300-400) can and probably will have drastic effects on your metabolism and gastrointestinal system (have you ever felt nausious and/or had diarrhea after starting the latest “get shredded” or “lose fat fast” diet?) it is best to start small and work your way up. If you want to gain muscle, increase daily caloric intake by 200-300 kcal/day every 2 weeks. If you want to lose weight, lower daily caloric intake by 200-300 kcal/day every 2 weeks. keep adjusting every 2 weeks until you reach your goals.

myth 3: Some macronutrients are better than others for weight loss, because of the effect they have on rare or recently discovered â??fat burning hormonesâ??.

This advertisement goes on to say that only a caloric deficit is needed to lose fat. It implies that lipolysis
is only dependent on calorik intake vs. caloric expenditure. This is not true and is especially wrong in the case of processed foods. Processing converts some (not all) Cis isomers to trans isomers. Modern ressearch shows that trans isomers cause an increase in lipolysis somewhat (possibly mostly) independent of total caloric intake. Protein and fat need to be consumed in order to survive (carbohydrates are not, but are needed to operate at maximum efficiency). If you don’t belive me, eat 2000 kcal per day on little debbie snack cakes and pop and see how much weight you lose. Then go on a structured diet consisting of 40-30-30 P-F-C from lean meat and healthy fats and carbs and let me know which works better.

myth 4: You will not lose muscle if you miss a meal. In fact, you wonâ??t even lose muscle if you miss an entire day of meals. The biggest things that determines how much muscle you have is your genetics and your workouts. As long as you are following a well designed workout plan you will not lose any muscle while dieting.

I don’t like to swear but BULLSHIT! Your body continuously breaks down tissue and rebuilds them. In order to keep up with demand, your body needs a constant supply of macronutrients to keep this process at least neutral and missing a meal will cause the body to use it’s own stores of energy. After 6-8 hours of fasting, the body will start to use up the most metabolically expensive tissue to keep itself alive, which means muscle tissue. However, a good point is raised, you do not need to eat as much on non-exercise days since your body is not using as much energy but a caloric surpluss is needed to put muscle on.

I eat, stop, eat all day long. Every day, in fact. My entire life is one long series of intermittent fasts. I will live FOREVER.


[quote]mcook123 wrote:
After 6-8 hours of fasting, the body will start to use up the most metabolically expensive tissue to keep itself alive, which means muscle tissue.[/quote]

Oh shit, I’m not going to sleep anymore just so I can eat instead.

Har har, just kidding, I know what you’re saying.

But the thing is, when you do eat sufficient calories after breaking the fast, the muscle tissue that had been broken down should be rebuilt. If a surplus of calories are given, additional muscle can even be gained. You stated yourself, tissue is being broken down all the time. It is the replenishing of nutrients that maintains, or builds, muscle.

I’m tired so I don’t know if the above makes sense.

What I am trying to say is that from what I’ve read, as long as proper nutrients and caloric are present, meal frequency and timing isn’t THAT big of a deal as people make it out to be.

And the occasional fast is NOT going to somehow eat away pounds of muscle. The occasional fast should be of benefit to most people.

I have nothing against fasts as I think they can be used effectively, but I do have a problem with the summary of the nutrition ‘plan’ is act like a fatty 5 days of the week.

Eat whatever you want for 5 days and starve yourself for two? That’s not a fast, that’s how someone with a bulimia disorder eats.

I have no idea how IF fares for muscle building but for fat loss I’ve used it for 3 months successfully. I used the Eat Stop Eat method. 1-2 24 hour fasts a week, eat at maintenance level the other days. He doesn’t say eat what you want or as much as you want. Overeat, fasting or not, and you will gain weight. He doesn’t specify a macronutrient ratio or anything just says eat healthily. He emphasises weight training as more important than nutrition to prevent muscle loss while on this kind of diet. At the same time he does talk about how to eat to maintain muscle mass.

There is another method of IF called Lean Gains which has more of a bodybuilding following than Eat Stop Eat. Lean Gains is a daily 18 hour fast and has more structure on nutrient timing. I did Eat Stop Eat because 24 hour fasts were more convenient for me than 18 hour daily ones.

hey eclectic, your right bro as i researched more into this brad pilon does say to eat at maintence level or eat clean the rest of the days, and not eat JUNK the rest of the days also not get to obssessed with 6 meals (can be a pain sometimes).

quite interesting thoughts from you guys made me do my 1st fast! am 15 hrs into it already, i workout in the morning so i started my fast last nite after dinner, did leg hypertrophy in the morning 6sets 25-30 reps back squats supersetting with lying ham curls, stiff leg deadlifts 6sets 25-28 reps supersetting with leg extensions…finished with 7mins uphill walking on the treadmill…i thought id faint in between my leg hypertrophy session when i was planning a fast on this day lol, but i thought lets push my body a lil bit you know.

i had a strong black coffee before my workout heavy metal on my ipod was going sweet as hell feeling the pain the burn sipped water throught ,legs looking more defined was crazy, during the finish of my workout though i did have a black kind of an image in front of my eyes in the last sets of deadlifts and leg extensions.

came home was crazy to see my abs showin a lil more defination than before i do feel burned out though less energy as compared to earlier times when i used to do a simple carb source with whey post workout, sipping lemon water and rocksalt with ice so that i do not get dehydrated lets see how it goes at 24 hours. am also planning to check my bodyweight and body fat levels on friday to see wat the scales show me…

fingers crossed guyz…

an awsome thread i found on intermittent fasting if any of you guys wanna do the reading


My neighbor is one of those guys always looking for the next fad diet and he found Eat Stop Eat. Week one he lost 8 lbs. Week two, he gained it all back. Game. Set. Match. It’s a joke.

Another Example…
I had his wife eating like a bodybuilder, 6x day, every 3 hours, protein at each meal with veggies (she wanted to lose weight obviously). I had her doing a Waterbury Circuit with some basic cardio sessions on off days and she lost 20 lbs in 2 months and was looking great. Then her husband makes her try Eat Stop Eat with him b/c of course he doesn’t want to do it alone. Guess what? Messed everything up, she’s gained weight since, and didn’t change her training program one bit. I was pissed…(I am her trainer).