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Eat Slowly While Bulking...

… at least chew your food a little better. Don’t inhale your food (literally)!!

(Pics and Vid)

1-Inch Piece of Plastic Spoon Removed From Man’s Lung

John Manley complained of fatigue, coughing fits and pneumonia spells and now, after two years of agony, doctors at Duke University Hospital believe a small piece of plastic is to blame.

John Manley caught a piece of a Wendy’s plastic spoon in his lung.

Manley, 50, apparently inhaled the 1-inch plastic fragment while eating at a Wendy’s restaurant. The Wendy’s logo can still be seen on the side of the plastic.

“My assistants that were working with me started spelling out these letters,” said Dr. Momen Wahidi, a pulmonologist at Duke University in Durham, N.C. “They started making out that there was an A-M-B. We eventually realized that this was a hamburger, the word ‘hamburger.’ This was a surprise to all of us.”

Manley doesn’t remember feeling anything but said he does have a habit of wolfing down his food.

“I’d go in there and eat quickly and take bigger bites,” he said. “I came from a big family. You eat fast if you want your food.”

If you are eating so fast you can’t feel aspiration of food products, then it was just a matter of time before this happened anyway. I am surprised he hasn’t died of pneumonia long before now.

Wait…he inhaled a piece of the HANDLE?

This shit is fucked up.