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Eat Slightly More Or Pile It On?


Ok so right now i'm eating around 3500 calories a day, but i want to get muuuch bigger.

I want to be around 220 pounds, at 6'1. Currently i'm 180. I know i'm gonna be needing to eat around 5000 calories a day.

So heres my question.

Would it be better to bump up my calories gradually towards 5000, or to just start eating 5000 calories tomorrow. Or in the end would it even make a difference? Thanks.


Add about 500 calories every two weeks to give your body time to adjust to the increased intake.


Well after reading the title of the thread, I was going to say just pile it on, because well... who wouldn't want to eat a shitload of food?

But it would probably be a good idea to work up to this, to adjust to using all those extra calories properly like daven said.


I say just pile it on.

I went up from my usual ~2300 kcal/day to about 3500 which was a big jump for me and I feel fine... except that I can't stand to look at food :stuck_out_tongue:


Just continue to eat the amount that allows you to gain 1-1.5 pounds each week. As you gain more weight you will need to eat more to continue gaining at that rate. If you gain faster then that you will just be throwing on slabs of fat.
Would you rather quickly get to 220 and be a fat pile of crap or take 2-3 times as long to get there, but actually have more muscle at the end.


Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. If his body responds well to his eating and he jumps up in weight with more lean muscle mass, he should stop the growth by being afraid to eat. That is why answering his question is pointless without him understanding that you eat the way you progress.


Read Berardi's articles.