Eat.Sleep.Mate.Defend Template aka Original Fullbody

Hello all, Just got on board with this forum and enjoying reading some peoples ideas… and terrible ideas… and hoplessness… But overall some great information being shared around.

I’ve used 5/3/1 since I started lifting. Anyway, just a quick update over the past years. I placed in a few PL meets and took the essence of the program on board, which is “this is a war made up of little battles and building strong defences” Think long term, not 12 months, 6 weeks or 7 hour arms. My maxes currently are;

Squat: 440lbs
Bench: 310lbs
Deadlift: 550lbs
Bodyweight: 225lbs

Not earth shattering, not converse wearing ammonia sniffing legendary but benchmarks I’m happy with.A few years ago, I believe before the 2nd edition emerged; there was a full body program that Jim wrote that signed off with the tag line Eat.Sleep,Mate.Defend. The program was awesome, it was simple, no fluff, easy to implement and mostly… required minimal thought when you’re in the gym. Why do I want to do “wood chop assisted leg curls with bands for speed?” or “box jump 360 twist ab crunch for time” - it literally pastes my balls into a extreme paste at the industry (side note: fuck off with your functional strength. If you can help someone move house easily, you’re doing something right)
Stop asking “whats next” start focusing on “whats now”. Now I’m sure for the ADHD suffer this template will be to simple. Do you want steak and eggs or whale tits on toast?

3 days a week. 3 moves. 3 conditioning sessions. Do some flexibility work.

Day 1
Squat: 5/3/1
DB bench: 3 x 8-15 reps
DB Row: 3 x 8-15 reps

Day 2
Squat 3x10 @ 40%-60% of your training max
Bench: 5/3/1
DB Row: 3x8-15 reps

Day 3
Squat 3x10 @ 40%-60% of your training max
DB bench: 3 x 8-15 reps
Deadlift: 5/3/1

Chins between every set, vary grips and reps.

Thats it. No curls, no silly rehab work (shots fired), no abs, no medieval machine use, No boxes.

Just Meat. Strong, focussed work on the main lift and big pushes on the assistance. Chins are just awesome and I can’t find anything better. (lat pull downs are not the same.) If you’re really struggling to stick to three things well then feel free to change up to paused squats, incline/decline bench and barbell rows (although personally I dont see the point) I dont have the OHP in this because I dont like it, sue me. (pew pew)

Remove the guess work, if you’re stuck for DB bench and Row percentages use 50% of your bench training max. Remove the smoke and mirrors, end the trends. You dont NEED anything else. You just THINK you do.

When you get lost watch this. It’s 5 parts of Wendler at the “Big Seminar” - I’m not going to spoil it just watch it: - Jim Wendler at BIG Seminar Part 1 - YouTube

What is more intrinsic to life then the raw desire to Eat, Sleep, Mate, Defend? I take this philiosphy with me in training and life. Eat the eggs, Sleep in your castle, Destroy that tail and most of all Defend what’s fucking yours.

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love the minimalism, but no abs? some dudes seem to get crazy strong abdominals and core from just the main lifts but I didnt think that was too common. then again if you’re placing in PL meets Im guessing that you’ve already paid your dues in the trunk training dept and know your body pretty well. Anyways, welcome and best of luck to you in all of your training endeavors.

With the volume of squats and also the lower percentage work is done with no belt the Abs build there, also along with the dead on warm up. The belt goes on for work sets only and sometimes only the last 2 work sets. I dont feel that Abs have ever been a sticking point for me.

Is this a joke?

If not, this is one of the most asinine posts I’ve read in a long time.

Who are you addressing? Who is the “you?”
Is it an imaginary person?
Is there a question?

You badmouth functional strength and then express a love for chins - perhaps the most functional strength exercise ever.

Have you ever jumped? More than once? If you had you might sing a different tune
Do you have any idea why people do exercises other than squats and deads?

I get the bare-bones approach and believe it or not - I like the base of your program - though I’d add in good-mornings or a squat variation in place of one of your many benchpress exercises - after all, we are powerlifting here - and that means we do more than just bench press - which, fyi, might give bicep curls a run for their money when it comes to the favorite exercises of the sissies and idiots.

Be careful - eventually you will hurt yourself and be forced to rehab something - or foam roll, or hit your abs and low back, stretch, etc…

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Whoops. Looks like someone missed the point. let me help you with that.

Its kind that you are concerned for my welfare for injury and also the sheer disbelief that anyone in their right mind could, would or may have got stronger with a squat, push, pull style full body routine. Its not as if the style of training has been around for many years, championed by the strength coaches and body builders for years and strangely is still the corner stone of training now. To help the user with the 90’s style disco scene name “rave” understand I’ll break it down into to two parts.

The first being a really crucial point… This is Mr Wendlers template. These are my experiences. So here, knock yourself out and read the original post by Jim. (the original is no longer on T-Nation but posted below from elsewhere.) - here are some spills also about said template.

Now that being said here’s part 2. Which I’ll also keep simple.

Is this a joke? No
If not, this is one of the most asinine posts I’ve read in a long time. This makes me question my self worth and makes my face sad.
Who are you addressing? strangely enough the users of the T-Nation forum, subsection Jim Wendler 5/3/1
Who is the “you?” Please see above.
Is it an imaginary person? I wouldn’t think the users of this forum wouldn’t be imaginary, but I imagine in reality you’re a bit of a c**t.
Is there a question? I have no idea but you seem to have plenty.
Have you ever jumped? Yes
More than once? It was a Hop-Scotch based WOD. it was brutal.
Do you have any idea why people do exercises other than squats and deads? for them sweet gainz bro. (also weak point training, muscle imbalances, past injury modification, varying cycle patterns, sports specific, equipment limitations, and many, many more.)
I like the base of your program It’s not mine. please see above.
we are powerlifting here I’m not currently, I’m working along the prinicpals set in 5/3/1. the clue is in the title of the first book. “5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength” - not just powerlifting, or Olympic, or 101 on “functional strength”
and that means we do more than just bench press correct! that’s why there is a squat, push and pull.
favorite exercises [bench] of the sissies and idiots. - but you just said it was a power lifting move… is it not functional? should I superset all my bench with flyes, in the smith machine, with wraps?
or foam roll, or hit your abs and low back, stretch, etc… I believe I mentioned 3 sessions, 3 moves, 3 conditioning drills and start with flexibility work? Oh I did… good.

The reason I wrote this was to share information about the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 program, in the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 program forum, for people doing the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 program and who have queries about the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 program. This is the template, I use, the results are what I have seen. This therefore can be taken that from experience and application, other people may, depending on diet, conditioning, lifestyle and habits expect similar, if not better results. That for me would suffice, if not fulfil criteria for a post. I have seen numerous posts about “where to start” and “I’ve added these moves to a template, what do you think” - This is my experience, which I’m gonna say, has been sucessful at adding strength, adding mass and helping me compete in my choosen sport at that time. I dare say these are goals most people would like if they are even reading the T-Nation forum.

Anyway I hope that calms you down as I felt the sheer distress burn my retinas from the black searing font of my computer screen. But gotta run (lol he runs!) and do some burpess.

The program’s obviously a fine place to start, although the lack of upper back work is rather concerning. That being said, you come across as the biggest dick in the world. I feel like you’re trying to do that. You’re very condescending, even in your first post. And I don’t see why. If you actually posted this with the intention that you’d like to help people, perhaps the attitude could use adjusting. As you suggested, you’re not impressive in any capacity. You also don’t seem like you’ve been in the iron game for very long. So why should anyone take your advice? If all you’re here to do is parrot a Wendler program, why even do that? It was already out there, right?

And as a side note, I’m fairly certain Jim Wendler himself doesn’t particularly favor this anymore. He’s talked about how he’s continually evolving his own training, so the things he believed a few years ago aren’t necessarily what he believes today.

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand how you can both get so upset about what is essentially someone’s experience. You like the base of it (lets be frank its the basics) but dont like the way it’s written? Well aww. That’s upsetting. Here’s an idea, if you don’t like it then don’t do it or post! That’ll be your way of showing me, woah boy that’ll teach me alright.

The reason it’s blunt is this. Over 50% of all the questions on here could be and should be answered as follows.

  1. Buy and read any of the 5/3/1 books.
  2. Follow a set template for 3 months minimum without change.
  3. Asses.

But, as most forums on the interwebs that are dedicated to lifting and its many umbrella terms people don’t do that. If fact many of the replies Wendler makes are just that but people (this may exclude yourself and the righteous Rave) don’t listen, don’t want to work hard and as always think they know best.

You wouldn’t claim to be following Christianity if your haven’t even read the bible but are already preaching your own gospel would you? As for parroting a program? YES, I am, strangely because it works, it’s 5/3/1 and so I posted in the 5/3/1 forum.

Like I just said, I’m not claiming nothing else works, I’m not suggesting everyone is clueless; but just scroll down and look the repeats of “where to start”, “My 5/3/1 template” and “does [insert variation] work” - so, would you not think, see past the “biggest dick in the world” style writing if you think it is; that someone who has worked “X program for X years and got X results” would then relay this information to a seemingly confused set of members? I would.

For the record don’t start being petty during a debate and use the classic “You’re numbers are shit” and “you haven’t been lifting long enough to grace these boards” bullshit. It’s like picking on the fat kid with asthma.

As for the original Article I cant post the link on here as it’s deemed “not cool for school” - Last but my no means least:

And as a side note, I’m fairly certain Jim Wendler himself doesn’t particularly favor this anymore. He’s talked about how he’s continually evolving his own training, so the things he believed a few years ago aren’t necessarily what he believes today.

Are you serious or ala rave “Is this a joke”? Squat, Press and Pull are not “what he believes” and how it’s “evolving”. I’m sorry if I missed the new “5/3/1 for crown green bowls edition”.

Please - let my post be the last one. You guys disagree and don’t like each other. Exchange real names and then deal with it somewhere else. Are we cool?

Listen to Generation of Vipers.

yeah, seems fair.

Damaged Awake for favourite song by GOV.

Jim views on Myrkur?

I haven’t heard her black metal yet. I know she is very polarizing, much like Deafheaven, but I’m still awash in Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum, Gorgoroth, Emperor, LLN bands and about a dozen others. I need to really sit down with Lurker of Chalice - I love Jef’s vocals and his swirling music. Claustrophobic.

Slow Forever is coming out soon too. I’m at the point where unless something is absolutely amazing or comes recommended by a trusted friend, Ill just stick with the greats.

And I don’t care she isn’t a BM lifer. Or a female.

Coffin Worm is still playing strong on my playlist but very much liking Generation of Vipers. I feel that they have a certain Hardcore essence at times that satisfies my “Mosh ‘n’ Roll” love. As for Myrkur she did an interview on the BBC (I’m uk) and she has a very haunting fascination with northern Europes bleak and unforgiving landscapes that she bases her music on. I find similar to Norska, if you’ve heard them.The perfect soundtrack to a deadlift.

But there’s a good list to start working through you’ve given.

I LOVED Coffinworm’s first album. I like their second - some great riffs on there but a couple things on there prevent me from giving them my number after a one-night stand.

I’ve seen Coffinworm live a few times and they are great - the singer is a mess on stage, in a good way. They are one of the few bands that can mold sludge/doom/black metal and make it seamless.

Check out Luminous Vault if you like black metal/death metal and doom.

If you like death metal and think that deathcore, or whatever its called, is for chumps:

If you like Crippled Black Phoenix - check out Marriages:

If you have an ounce of appreciation for music, creativity - please watch this video. Tristan Shore is a genius.

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And this is probably my favorite P.V. release i’ve heard in a long time: and no, I don’t care if you don’t think it’s not P.V.

I’m gonna go with the love child of Johnny 5 and that opening scene from Terminator 2 “Author and Punisher” - that is awesome and only made better by how determined Tristan Shore is to create the damn machines (there is no fate but what we make for ourselves). PV? powerviolence? never heard the term I would say that Water Torture was Grind but yet again it was like a a full on kick to the spuds. Similar vein was the band “Scarlet” check out their first album “untitled” complete mayhem.

How do Black metal bands come up with the art work… imagine asking someone

“yeah, what I’m looking for is like a woman… preferablly with no head or arms… and she’s kinda giving birth to… I dunno, maybe a goat, but… and get this! the Goat is on fire and has two knives. Oh yeah, and I want some weird ass wizard gremlin witch things watching.”

“in black and white with a henry the eighth vibe?”

“of course…”

I’ll be seeing GOV at Berserker!!! Hahaha I love the name of that event.

It’s hard finding good bands to listen too, so thanks for the info Jim!

There are some really good blogs out there. A few minutes perusing them will give you an idea who is good/shares your tastes, etc.