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Eat Nothing But Meat And Veggies?


I have something like 10-15kg to lose, most carbs sources give me diarrhea and make me bloated, same thing for milk and cheese, eggs give me nausea.
I love meat and salmon, i wonder if eating meat and veggies only 6 days a week would benefit my health, weightloss and strength in the gym.
My Plan is to eat 1kg of meat or fish(beef, pork, chicken and salmon) cooked in olive oil and raw big salad with mostly Green leaves (spinach etc) tomatoes carrots etc. and a few tbsp of olive oil or broccoli. I love veggies so i would eat a lot.
What do you guys think?




Yes go for it. Keep an eye on your performance in the gym and if it drops drastically then you could always introduce some carbs around training time.

Have a look into the green faces diet, basically if it’s green or has a face (or would grow into something with a face, think eggs) then eat away!


Sounds like what i was looking for is olive oil ok in this Green faces diet?
Btw should i be worried about too much iron on this diet?


Meat and veggies are just fine and quite healthy if done right. But they aren’t magic. There are alot of people who eat paleo and drop alot of fat and then stall, because calories. You can’t ever escape the math no matter what you eat.

Here are a couple warnings from my n=1 experience.

If you’ve never cut out grains and carbs before then meat and veggies diet will give you intestinal troubles. Like constipation… big time. There’s plenty of ways to up the fiber and water intake. Eventually your body will adjust.

In the first two weeks you will drop an insane amount of body weight when you first drop carbs. Like 5-15lbs. This is 90% water. Glycogen in your muscle cells holds alot of water. This will mess with your head and make you think you’re getting magic results. When you do refeed carbs you can easily gain 5 lbs after a couple meals. This will make you feel panic. Remember it’s water, just head games.

If you go under 50grams of carbs per day you will eventually enter ketosis. Sometime between day 4 and 10 your body will hit the “low carb flu” as your body adapts to using ketones and fatty acids for fuel. You will feel like garbage. Confused, light headed and annoyed for a few days it will pass.

Also carbs aren’t the enemy all the time. I wouldn’t recommend lifting on no carbs ever. Refeeds help. Look into the Anabolic Diet by Dr. DiPasquale. There’s a huge thread about it on T-NATION.

Good luck