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Eat More!


i read in kelly baggetts article about body building about study with interesting results.sedentary males gained 10 kg of body weight in a few months without any training. 3-4 kg was muscle gain and 6-7 kg was fat.so couch potatoes eating junk gained 1 pound of muscle for every 2 pounds of fat.

MY POINT-if T-Nation members continued to lift heavy and to eat clean-but up the calories,they would for sure gained at least 2 pounds of muscle for every pound of fat.or maybe 3 pounds of muscle for every pound of fat.

This fat would be quickly lost with right diet and fat-loss training program to reveal great muscle mass!
what do you think?


No shit sherlock?!?!?!?!

Dude, everything you've posted is COMMON fuckin' knowledge.

It's not like you stumbled onto some epiphany that will change the lifting world.

Eat more!?!? OMIGOD!!!

Sorry dude, but we know this stuff, search the site for a while before posting.


Amazing. Truly groundbreaking stuff.

And this is different to a bulking phase... how?


What the hell do you think people are doing? It's called a bulk. Most people succesfully gain more muscle than fat in a bulk with the right training and diet. Anywhere from a 2:1 to a 4:1 ratio of muscle to fat.




You two are jerks. The guy is obviously new to the site/lifting -- does it hurt you to just say "Yes, that's true, enjoy doing it."???

Are you trying to keep new people from enjoying the community here, thereby creating more customers for Biotest? Given the business implications, I'm surprised the censors let you be so hostile.

It's like you walked into another man's home, got used to the layout, and then a new visitor walks up to you and remarks on something obvious about the layout. Would you -- a visior on another man's property -- swear at another of his visitors and tell the new guy he's an idiot?


i just posted about this study-
many T-Nation members are afraid to go on a hard-core diet,because they think they would gain more fat than muscle.not so.

to sum it up---EAT MORE=GAIN MUSCLE---


Hey, I think the study says a lot. I would not have expected that out people NOT training.


Yes, yes I would.


It's been long known that someone who does nothing and eats at a caloric surplus will gain muscle along with fat. Lifting hard skew the ratio positively. Sorry for jumping on the guy, but he's making [wrong] assumptions about the state of knowledge of the average T-Nation member. These kind of posts are, however, appropriate for the beginners section.


Since when did they start allowing pictures of bare bre.....ohhhh wait a minute.


I thought the same thing as first. Ha!


Why the attacks on BALBOS?

Maybe I'm an ignorant dumbass, but I didn't know you could gain muscle JUST by eating, without any exercise whatsoever.
A lot of skinny guys are afraid to bulk for fear of gaining more fat than muscle, and the information that BALBOS brought to our attention is pretty useful in disspelling that.


The issue is that the information presented is older than Balbos himself. This guy obviously has a chemical imbalance. He joined the board less than 48 hours ago and already has almost 50 posts. All incoherent useless shit that just wastes everyones time. I'm all for beginners and being nice, but damn there is a limit.


I agree, why such a harsh attack on the guy!! Yes its agreed that if you want to gain muscle you need to eat more. It would be common sense that if you ate a ton of extra calories but did nothing your body wouldn't bother making more muscle for no reason and would store all of the extra calories in fat... this study proves otherwise if it truly is credible. Anyways flame all you want but after not posting for quite a while I felt the need to defend this guy. This board has gotten way too hostile.


I'll hostile you!!!


This was like the 4th thread in 20 minutes by this guy stating the incredibly obvious.

I'm sure he's trying to help, but it looks like he "walked" in here, didn't read anything on the site and started listing off common knowledge so people would flock to him and it would make him feel important.


That's how it looks to me. Do you go into a martials arts school and say "hey guys, let me show you this neat thing called a front kick?"

What he posted was very common knowledge. Although extrapolating info from a study done on a population of sedentarty individuals to active ones, even though we all agree with his conclusion is a risky proposition at best.




I actually got some useful information in his thread on GTG for strength. And I'm sure as time goes on, the number of posts will decrease. It's like when finding something new to do that you're enthusiastic about, that with time, gets to be more moderate.


Well maybe he should have read the site first, but anyhow good idea, only a hundred years too late.