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Eat More To Lose More?

What do you guys think? I have been averaging around 2200 kcals/day. Scale isn’t changing, but clothes are fitting looser. I am worried I’m losing a higher proportion of muscle than fat.

Do you think it would be wise to up my kcals little by little to see what happens? At the present I am 5’6" at 180 lbs. roughly 11-12%. I can start to see my abs, and to be honest if I dieted off a little muscle it wouldnt be the end ofthe world. I just dont want that smooth look. I want to have the “show” that conicides with my “go”, if you know what I mean.

I eat very clean, lean meats, fruits, lots of veggies and only whole grain starches. I participate in Muay Thai and do S & C work on the days im not in the MT gym.

If the scale is not going down but the clothes are fitting looser than you are on the right track. You are probably losing bodyfat rather than muscle. If you are starting to notice a change stay with what your doing until tings stop changing. How many grams of pro,carbs and fat are you taking in? What is the breakdown of the 2200 kcal? You don’t want to go too low in kcal if you are training all the time.

The Breakdown is damn near 40%C, 30%P, and 30%F. Some days I take in more carb and less protein depending on what my activity level is projected to be.

Based on your stated stats and goals a slight increase in cals. may not be a bad idea.

At2200 you are probably just at maint. level, especially depending on your workout frequency and intensity.

Keep your increase smallish to gauge results and I personally would make my increase in only protein with a little extra fat. You might notice your abs just pop.

Where in WI?


Yeah thats a good suggestion. I typically “workout” or am active in sport 6 days a week. My intensity varies to avoid burnout.

That sounds like alot of activity for that weight and lbm for 2200.

It can’t hurt to try and you can always scale back again if you find yourself putting on unwanted pounds.

Good luck

Stevens Point–

I totally agree about upping your calories now that you informed us of your activity level. 2200 is probably too low. I would bring it up in the form of protein & good fats (CLA, fish oil, flax)

At that weight and 2200 cal. your body thinks there is a famine going on. I’m 5’9" and 146 @ 12% and on a heavy day I’ll do about 3600 cal. of “good stuff”. About 1 cup of nuts or seeds (6-900 cal) depending on the type of nuts. 6-8 peices of fruit, rolled oats, cottage cheese (500gr) 2 sandwiches and breakfast is a big cheese omlet with 3-4 oz of ham and a side order (1 cup) of beans (kidney, black, etc.) That’s just to get me through the day. Then I have my pre-workout snack and another one after. Son, you gotta eat if you want to grow.

Your body will never increase leam body mass if you cannot maintain the existing stuff. Instead it will store fat beacuse it thinks there is a famine. If there wasn’t a famine there would be enough food coming down the tube. Right???

Maybe I should have been a little more clear. I’m not exactly trying to get “bigger”. I am more concerned with performing better in Muay Thai and grappling.

Limit stength and strength endurance are more of a goal than hypertrophy. Right now the goal is to lose BF and maintain LBM. If some LBM goes too, so be it. I guess maintaining strength is more important than LBM, I am going to Mexico in 5 weeks and have come a long way body comp-wise but have that last 5-6 pounds that will get me below the 10% mark.

I gain weight and muscle VERY easliy if I increase my calories too much, its just a bitch to try to get rid of it.

Keep this in mind…about every 6 months, every cell in your body (and there’s about 1 trillion of them)gets re-built with new materials. Those materials are: protein, fats, minerals, and water. Without adequate amounts of those you will be unable to repair what you have and will think there is a famine. If you eat clean and work hard, you shouldn’t have a problem. Good luck.


Thanks. BTW, a lot of people from my high school went to Whitewater. I read on another post that is where you went to college. Myslef, I’m a Carroll College grad. Do you miss WI?

Weather-wise it’s about the same. Lot’s of snow and cold in the winter (typical fall day in Packer country) and hot and humid in the summer. Mosquitoes the size of black birds.
One of the great things about travel and living in different locales is that you get to compare and learn what it is that makes a place great to live in. Milwaukee has one of the best park systems that I have ever seen. In terms of bike trails, beaches, ball diamonds, golf, tennis, etc. And pretty evenly distributed throughout Milwaukee County. Is the 1/4 bike track still at Brown Deer Park?


Don’t forget Summerfest, 10 days of almost free (admission is $12 I think) music and beer on the shore of Lake Michigan. And, we’re talking major label bands, not local nobodys.