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Eat More Saturated Fat

Listen to this interview with biochemist and nutritional expert, Ray Peat Ph.D., in which he speaks to why we should eat more saturated fats and eat less (or eliminate) polyunsaturated fats:


What about monounsaturated - for example, olive oil??

not eliminating olive oil… ever

i agree olive oil for life …

eat less poly’s or eliminate? Yeah, ok.

Most people in this country already get their fair share of saturated fat, and not enough of the poly.

Does anyone else think that this guy looks like a dead ringer for a slightly older Steven Colbert??? Albeit with a little receding hairline and 30 minutes in a wind tunnel

[quote]katzenjammer wrote:
What about monounsaturated - for example, olive oil??[/quote]

I think he said in there that Olive oil was good.

I see this as condemnation of oils we already know to be shitty (vegetable oils) and not fish oil. You can’t lump all polyunsaturates together because we know the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is what’s important.

I know rancidity is a problem with flax oil but I’ve never heard the same of fish oil.

I would like to know more about the rancidity of fish oil.

Anyone know anything aside from what Peat states in this article.

this is why eggs are so great- almost balanced completely between mono, poly, and saturated fats.

just another confirmation that vegetable and nut/seed oils rich in omega 6 are garbage