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Eat More or Less on Test E Cycle?

im 3 weeks in and undecided what would be the best option as i struggle to eat enough to gain weight what have most people done here whilst using test only?

i just want the best size and strength gains but i was thinking i could gain strength whilst eating less and still gain some LBM as i am using 500mg test a week so what would be the bes toption for me?

Gaining muscle: eat more
Losing fat: eat less

In my experience, If I eat less while on test only , I do get stronger and put on some size but nothing really all that residual. Meaning when I come off, I don’t keep much strength or weight. Now when I up the cals whether on or off, I’m stronger and bigger. So my advice is at bare minimum you need to increase the protein while on because all the gear in the world won’t create new muscle without nutrients to build muscle with.

Best option, just eat and adjust diet for your goal. I eat like mad while on and through pct. Then taking off any unwanted body fat is pretty easy with the new muscle acting as metabolic fat furnaces.