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Eat like a MAN

I wanted to call out those of you who have tried the EAT LIKE A MAN Diet. I just got one of Dr. Mauro DiPasquale’s books The Metabolic Diet, its pretty interesting stuff. I picked it up from Dr.Kinakin office. He says it is not too different from the Anabolic Diet. Has anyone given it a try??? Post some of you results, myself am trying out this diet for the summer. I don’t mind passing up the carbs as long as I can eat my steaks, pork chops, KFC and you get the idea. The best part is I can eat like a porker on the weekend once my body adjusts to the diet. I’m still on Phase 1, under 30g carbs for 12 days… after that, burn fat burn. I’ll post my results the second I see any. In addition to the diet I’ll be taking a Multi(GNCs Megamen) 6 caps, Salmon Oil(180:120 epa:dha) 18 caps, 5-htp(50mg) 3 caps, and Gingko biloba(400mg) 3 caps. I split the intake of all these into 3 divided doses with food. Wish me luck… 10% BF here I come!!!

Just make sure you read the entire book; the diet will need to be “personalized” to achieve optimal results…most people won’t be able to get away with eating whatever they want on the weekends. Pasquale makes alot of references to this throughout the book.

-Joel Marion