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Eat like a man diet models for fat loss.

I read on the past weekend the Eat like a Man article and I found it very interesting. I want to prove it but I need some examples of food diets I could combine for doing it; and to applicate it for fat loss to.

I am 71.65 inches tall, and weight 207 pounds, but my waist circunsference is 44.90 inches. So I think that I have to make special emphasis on that local fat.

Thanks for your help.

Lorenzo Mulanovich

Hey guys; that?s the way how you help a begginner. Do you think is to difficult to answer what I?m asking for? I don?t think so.

We would help if we knew what the fuck you were asking! I respect the fact that English may not be your first language, however your question is very unclear. So stop whining! :slight_smile:

He he he…you guys slay me. You demand an answer to your question yet your question is a riddle. Ask what you want but first make sure that you have checked the FAQ’s and have done a search.

Another thing, watch the attitude there. Nobody gets paid to answer anything and having to respond to impatient riddlers who seem to think because of their own laziness or ignorance that everyone must jump at their post is a crock! Ask what it is you want answered after you’ve researched the site…Croooz

Ok.Sirs. What I am seing is that Tetosterone is making you too agressive. I only wanted some ideas of how could I make the Eat like a man diet for fat loss. If you think that for asking I am lazy or an ignorant, well thats not my problem. I am having enough trying to explain what I want in english.

Lorenzo: What’s the matter with these guys? Too much testosterone made 'em testy. Oh well I’ll take a shot at trying to answer your question. The Eat Like a Man Article is telling you to eat alot of protein and fat and cut the carbs way way back. If you are one of these people who can go without carbs, it will work. I cannot go on these diets long. I get dizzy, weak etc. However, you can find the low carb intake that is comfortable for you. Also, it’s the kind of carbs. When you eat carbs eat those with a high glycemic index, i.e., brown rice, legumes, baked potato. Go low on the carbs. Eat carbs early or close to your workout and back off in the evening. Drink protein in the middle of the night. As for what seems to be part 2 of your question, there is no spot specific exercise for local fat. You can only reduce fat around your mid section and anywhere else by taking in less calories than you are expending and doing cardio. I know cardio sucks but if you want to trim your waist that is what you will have to do. It might interest you to know that Michelangelo’s David had a 44 inch waist. However, did you see the fuckin shoulders on that guy? That’s another idea. Get your shoulders so fuckin big no one will notice your waist. Good luck. If nothing else, you will have fun on the Eat like Man diet if your don’t go broke in one week buying all that rich shit at the grocery store. nick

Oh sorry my fault. Anyone else here need explanation to the articles? Maybe Tmag can read the articles real slow into audio files…

Didn’t have a problem with your english when you wanted to retort…interesting.

Thanks very much for your answer Nick. It?s very pleasing to know that there?s still well educated people in the forum that likes to help beginners as me.

Best Regards;