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Eat Healthy or Velocity Diet?

Hey guys…been training for 8 months now and have noticed some solid strength gains while doing 5/3/1, but ive also noticed ive put on quite a bit of fat. From a size 34 to a size 38…to be honest i wasnt that fussed about gaining fat when i started but now i probably could be classed as fat…which im not happy about! I do eat healthy, but i eat a lot which is why i have gained fat.

My question is: I was planning on doing the velocity diet for the whole month of november, but im only 17 and ive read alot on here about how at my age, its better to just eat healthy and i will lean out. Any help/suggestions on this? BTW my metabolism for the average 17 yr old sucks…courtesy of when i lost 60 pounds on a keto diet i did 3 yrs ago:unamused:

Sorry you guys probably get threads like this all the time but i could seem to find any…

Forming healthy eating habits > any diet


Yeah at 17 velocity diet totally unnecessary.

Not to sound patronising buttt… to papraphrase Dan John you need to learn to “eat like an adult and stop eating like a television commercial”.

At your age just eat clean foods and train your ass off and you will shred down fast.

Do hard HIIT or a sport on two off days and switch to a full body template for a while…

Pick all your food from these lists…

Milk, rice and sweet potatoe also fine to add if feeling flat


Geez, I’ve seen contest prep diets that are far more relaxed than this. Okay if OP is heading into a show but at a 38" waist he could go something less full on - I reckon he’d crash and burn on day 3.

Green face diet is one of the easiest “diet” I’ve ever seen. What are you talking about?

And gainons that much weight??? Bad food, low intensity or not consistent are the culprit. No, I’m not going to mention medical issue(s).

Have you done the diet?

What did your conditioning look like during the 5/3/1, since conditioning is a constant aspect of the 5/3/1 approach and is something Wendler repeatedly says should be trained to some degree?

Gaining 4 inches on your waist in 8 months is ridiculous. But you know that. Did you at least see some phenomenal strength progress?

Explain exactly what “eating healthy” means?

Long story short: you need to bump up the conditioning work and get a much, much better handle on your nutrition. The Velocity Diet isn’t appropriate for your situation. Eating smart and training smart is.

It’s been a while, but I did it for a few days when compiling the article to get a feel for things. Being well-stocked is one of the biggest keys. It’s definitely an approach where, if you have non-diet-compliant food in the house, you’ll go for it.

To steal a concept from Dan John, “If you plan on eating an apple a day, and only have 6 apples in the house, you’ll run into trouble the morning of day 7.” So, keeping copious green veg and ready-to-eat meats on hand is a lifesaver. Hard-boiled eggs and cucumbers (whole cucumbers, munched on like carrots) are great.

Yes and doing something quite similar for years. Maybe it’s perception, but it’s NOTHING like a prep.

I buy eggs by the carton at Costco, lots of meat (mostly bison because of where I live), freezer full of veg and i work in restaurant/grocery store, so plenty fresh veg when I want.

As Chris said, get organized.

Oh, and Tupperware takes more space then my regular plates.

If you were doing a keto diet at 14 and lost 60 lbs., then want to do a V diet at 17 to lose 4 inches off of your waist , you need to examine your relationship with food and learn how to eat in general.

Honestly, you sound like a typical 45 year old woman.


OK. Thanks for your response.
i checked out those links…haven’t seen that diet before so ill definitely try that!

Yeah that is where i failed. I have done Farmers walks twice a week, and running at least once a week, but not near half of what i should have. This is what i’m trying to fix; i’ve implemented boxing/bike tabata and a lot more farmers walks, but only been doing that for a bit more than a week. Also doing more running.
Yeah i totally agree that its ridiculous. Well i dont think phenomenal progress, but im happy with it. My deadlift went from 275 to 365, and my bench went from 165 to 200, so yeah still beginner numbers… I forget what my other 2 lifts are at…
OK well ill give you what i ate yesterday:
Breakfast: 4 pieces of bacon. 3 tomatoes, 3 eggs
Lunch: 2 chicken skewers, a whole red pepper and 2 handfuls of baby carrots with queso.
Supper: 3 chicken thighs, a shit load of lettuce, some bacon and a little bit of dressing and 2 eggs(ceasar salad)
Snack: some salsa with more carrots.
i also had plazma with my workout, is this even needed at my age??
That^^^ is a fairly normal day for me.
In my opinion, this is healthy. I welcome any crticism as to that. I think that the reason i have put on so much weight is because on the weekends my diet goes to shit, and i do have a lot of crappy meals when im on a time crunch, especially during holidays.
Thank you for taking the time to respond, it has given me a wake up call i needed!

Yeah i agree if i could i would go back in time and choose NEVER to do that diet at that age lol.
OK. How do i do that? Do you mean eat healthier in general? Or maybe im just to worried about it? Sorry for all the dumb questions, just trying to figure it all out…

No need to apologize, they aren’t dumb questions. No need to go back in time either.

Just generally eating better and having a good activity level should work wonders. The regular day that you posted in response to Chris seems virtually perfect, albeit very short term.

It just seems like a lot is being left out of this story. What is it that you aren’t saying? What is happening (or not happening) that results in the decision to do a crash diet?

What kind of shape have you been in previously and are currently? A 34 to 38 inch waist may not be such a bad thing if you are 6’+, greater than 200lbs. and very athletic. If you’re a 5’6 dough ball and a level 80 magician on some WoW like game, its time to change direction.

So take quantities out of this equation, can you tell me what you would do to this to make it resemble a contest prep diet as, you know, it is not even in the same ball park.

@Chris_Colucci Just like we dont tell beginners to do Smolov, going from “could be classed as fat” and 17 to something involving planning and restricted food selection (as simple as the choices are) is going to be a big time struggle. I’m not saying the diet wont work or is a bad choice for some but foe this guy’s needs, there are better choices. He’ll probably go a long way just cleaning up his eating a bit.

You seem to have your panties all twisted up or something.

I know it’s nothing like a prep and that is my stance. I am a chef, so cooking anything is quite easy.

GFD: get a bunch of veggies and between 4-6 eggs, cook, eat.

Prep: pre calculate my macros. Split said macros for the day. Cook exactly 2 eggs, 6 egg whites, 1/4 ounce of oil, 4 ounces of spinach.

GFD: I mix and eat

Prep: I calculate, weigh, measure, cook, record, eat.

I’m done, By the way. GFD is complicated for you and that is fine. OP can make his own mind. Besides, it’s really is not a bad starting point.

As i can see it there are 2 main things that have caused me to gain weight: My conditioning was WAY less than it should have been, but i have recognized this and i am working to bring that up to spec. Also, i tend to eat like crap on the weekends but really good on weekdays, and that it is, in my mind, the biggest contributor to my weight gain. Well i guess this is good news because i can at least see what i am doing wrong, and i can work to fix it!

Right now im 5’11’ and 210. I do play sports but im not a gifted athlete in any way, i have had to work to develop any skills at all (which im not fussed about). Nope i havnt played games since i was about 12. I watch probably about an hour of TV a week, as my house doesn’t have a screen, so im not worried about that.

Basically, since i was 13 i have been overly worried about my weight/body image, and have worked to try to improve body comp, and its basically been a yoyo. Fat, then leaning out, then gaining weight, etc. So im trying to stop this and get lean for good.

Thanks for your time…

I don’t mean to be coming across as stand offish. I disagree with you that doesn’t mean I am upset

You’ve mentioned that. I don’t think I said that you didn’t know what a contest prep was. I was curious as to where my mistake was and was kinda hoping you’d help out.

It’s a bit frustrating if you’re going to tell me I’m wrong then the only clue you’re going to give me as to why is your breakfast (which doesn’t seem to be compliant to the diet) and expect me to figure out the rest…

GFD: Big ass omelet (as per article)
My breakfast: Veg and eggs

What the duck is so different??? Yeah, replace a letter.

Prep meal: weigh, measure, count everything

You don’t see the difference? The exact amount vs throwing meat and veg together?!?! The amount of time for prep is about 10 fold.

PS: you said that its more strick then contest preps you have seen? Now, back at you: have you done either? For the record, I have done both, hence my stance. GDF was a test run for no carbs.

No problem. Just remember that this stuff doesn’t have to be perfect to get really good results. Consistency is important though, as is time. You’ll make a lot more progress with a consistent effort for a period of years than with a short burst of perfect.