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Eat As I Say, Not As I Eat




Simply more hypocrisy from the left. No different than Al Gore flying around the world in his private jet burning all of that jet fuel talking about the environment. The rules that these leftists want do NOT apply to them, just the little people. After all they're the ruling class. And in a few weeks time on election day they're going to find out what the little people think of them.


AMEN, I can not wait untill Nov 2. I just hope the republicans have learned what being a real Republican means


Completely disregarding the politics, a healthy lifestyle can't be judged by one meal.


Not according to 90% of the people that post on this site.


Haven't you ever heard of a cheat meal? :wink:


Al Gore.... leftwing.... BAHAHAHAHAHA

Edit: what is it with this frickin quotation function


One meal doesn't matter, but being a supposed role model for millions of kids she's preaching to about eating the right foods DOES matter.


Shut up idiot boy that's exactly what he is.


This must be the lamest thread I have seen on PWI and that's saying something. Well done if that's what you were aiming for.


My wive is a dietitian and she often has to tell people to cut back on alcohol for their own health, but she had a glass of wine last night with her meal! I'm going to tell all her patients that she has been giving them terrible advice and report her to the hospital board.


The lamest thread yet you have posted twice back to back. She wants to have the govt regulate fast food. I think that is a little different than your wife. If you think that kind of food is so bad that it needs regulations, then you should lead by example.


I agree, but it is the fact that she has been preaching so much about fast food lately especially fries. She wants people to pay etra for stuff like that. If you are that much against it, then practice what you preach.


I couldn't resist being a part of the lamest thread ever! I really don't give a fuck about MO but I doubt she has got up and ever said no one should eat hamburgers ever under any circumstances. I have heard her go on about making better food choices and making healthy food more available. How dare she say those things and then eat a burger?!

Oh well you tuck yourself up at home with your faux outrage and cheeseburgers tubby. What ever turns you on. Can't wait to see what you have lined up for your next thread!


Do your parents know you are on the computer this late? You must be a liberal to resort to insults so quick. I never said I was outraged. I just so what I thought would start a good discussion, but I did not realize there were sensitive kids on here.


Haha liberal/conservative/left/right labels have never really fitted me quite right and are irrelevant in this case. I'm not arguing for MO's stance on junk food I'm just pointing out that you are wrong in calling her a hypocrite for eating a burger. even if she does support regulation (which I'll take your word for) she's not calling for a blanket ban on burgers and 10 year sentence for those who eat them. In fact I've only ever heard her advocating a cleaning up of diets and a good balance.

I know plenty of gun owners who support tighter gun controls - hypocrites?
Public transport advocates that own cars?
Fatties that frequent bodybuilding sites?
I even know someone in the car industry who turned down a company car as he prefers to commute by bus?!

None of these are necessarily hypocrites.


I like the ironies of life just as much as the next guy, like giving Yassir Arafat a Nobel prize for peace.

But Michelle Obama eating a burger and fries? Come the fuck on, man.


Haha that one still makes me laugh. Those Nobel guys are hilarious.


They are, aren't they?

Really though, It is bad enough when a person has their head up their own ass. Why would a person want to shove it up someone elses?

What kind of feminine hygiene products does she use?

Is her salad dressing environmentally friendly?

How many fingers does she have up?

What is wrong with the other ones?

Our freedoms are eroding at an exponential rate because WE DON'T KNOW!

(best if you read it in the style and voice of George Carlin)


Or Nelson Mandela.