Eat 12x a day instead of 6x

A few weeks ago I remember reading a post where a reader said that when he ate 6x a day he was still hungry so he just broke 6 meals down the meals to 12x a day. So basically eat every hour or so. I went searching for that thread but couldnt find it so please excuse me for reposting this.
I was just curious as to what type of response he was getting from this meal plan? Should I not partake in eating that much?

I am constantly eating. I bring protein bars, nuts, tuna, etc. wherever I go and eat something at least every hour. I try to count my calories though, because you tend to eat more when you eat 24/7 (at least I do). I never really get hungry, but at the same time I never really get full, it’s kinda nice. Once in a while though I like to go to China buffet and rob them for all they’re worth, just for that bloated/full feeling. But as I was saying, yea, eating every hour seems to work for me, you just have to be able to handle putting more food in your stomach when there’s still half-digested food in there. It gives some people gas. Sucks for them.

I think a problem with the idea of eating
more frequently than once every two hours
is that stomach digestion ought to work
better on the “batch” system… let a batch
of food stew in acid for a half hour, then
slowly let it out.

Whereas if you eat every two hours, you’re
taking in new food at the same time as old
food is being let out. If it’s liquid stuff
like a MRP, or anything that’s reasonably
small, I don’t see how the stomach can avoid
putting newly-swallowed food into the small intestine.

I posted that about 2 or 3 weeks ago. And I have had good results eating like that, but I came to figure out that I was eating way too little to start with, about 700 cal too little.
When I upped my calories I stopped feeling starved all of the time and now I am back down to 6 to 8 meals a day, including 2 mrp shakes as meals. I never had any problems with digestion or gas, which is kind of strange because I have a horrible stomach usually. I am actually happier now with only eating 6 to 8 meals because with the preperation time for my meals, 20-25min per meal, was getting rather time consuming, but other than that, it was a great way to start my diet because I would have quit and gone back to building otherwise, I hate starving pains soooooooooo much.