Easy Ways To Add Quality Calories

i’m 6’1’’ 180 13% bf, and i want to be 200 7% bf, so i have alot of ground to cover. i’m eating about 3100 kcal a day now, and i want to ease into massive eating. what’s a solid, doable way to add anywhere from 250-500 clean cals a day? i figured adding plain yogurt to my morning shake and substituting whole milk instead of skim milk would be quality options…any other ideas?

Make sure to take care of PWO nutrition and breakfast while in a mass-gain phase. Eat plenty of quality carbs&protein. Adding 500 kcals/day isn’t very difficult at all. Just add some calories here and there in the form of protein, healthy fats, and fruits&veggies. I don’t recommend using whole milk if you’re already 13%bf though. Nuts&jerky/grow! are good snacks as are fruit&jerky/grow!

Natural peanut butter and/or bananas


The whole milk would work, but if you plan on following any of the P+C/P+F guidelines from Berardi, you’d learn that whole milk is a dietary disaster (I made that up myself) as far as keeping carbs separated from fat.

Yogurt is a good idea.

Sometimes I’ll put raw oatmeal in my shakes.

If you take a tablespoon of flax oil at night, try taking an extra tablespoon. Or any time of the day for that matter.

Sometimes if I’m really in a rush, I’ll throw my multivitamins and fish oil caps in with my morning shake. Definitely makes things interesting but at the same time it keeps me on my toes.

I second the natural peanut butter. 100 cals per tbls. If you have three shakes a day, add two tbls to each and you’re up 600 cals

ok well the thing is i may be at 13%bf but i’ve already been made fun of on here for being a twig so regardless, i don’t see how my bf plays a roll right now as I am bulking. i’ve read some recent threads and it sounds like for my age “eating clean” doesn’t even matter…I feel like even if I eat 4000 clean calroies a day I won’t gain size any differently than if I eat 4000 calories like any other college student in the form of pizza, beer, etc…any thoughts?

You would likele be deficient in a number of micro nutrients that are necessary for effective protein synthesis and the like.

Eat Clean.

Or have some as a treat, but eat you spinich and greens.

The consensus on that thread was that it’s up to every individual person.

No one in my family goes about 15% BF.

But you’re already at 13%, so eating shit isn’t going to help you much.

So what I’m saying is, eat as clean as possible, but if you find yourself in a situation where you have nothing else to eat…eat what’s at hand.

It’s a break in discipline, and if you don’t want to deal with that, fine, stay on track and work your ass off.

But different strokes for different folks is what it comes down to.

If what you’re doing doesn’t work change it immediately

(provided of course you are:
1- following it to the letter, 2- not being impatient cause it didn’t work in 2wks)


If you are a little higher body fat percentage what would be a good milk to drink 2%???

almonds, walnuts, pecans, i stay away from peanuts. laters pk

[quote]pkradgreek wrote:
almonds, walnuts, pecans, i stay away from peanuts. laters pk[/quote]

Why no peanuts? I have heard some argument against, but If I recall correctly (IIRC) it was from the idea that raw peanuts don’t absorb well…but roasted peanuts and PB are cooked.

Almonds are the #1 nut on the list. Highest fiber-to-carb ratio, lower fat-content (calorie control), and decent protein. They taste pretty tastey too…just avoid the smokies (love them) and salted varieties. (why do most nuts come with 10X the sodium than is required?)

IIRC, most nuts don’t come near the value Almonds bring to the table.

For someone at 13% BF I would advise leaning out before trying to add muscle, and I think Berardi would agree. Although, 13% BF is just a bit over the line.

Anyway, as for adding calories, I agree with much of what has been posted. Nuts, PB, flaxseeds, yogurt, and fruit are all good ideas.

Eating clean is always a good idea, and micronutrients are important. I would recommend adding fruit instead of my “Gee, I’m a skinny 12 year old and should put more sugar in my Rice Crispies” diet. On that note, the “good” and “bad” fat classifications have developed for a reason.

I would not advise drinking whole milk, and many folks recommend avoiding milk in general. Hood’s Carb Countdown milk is an alternative for those who really want some milk-like substance. It won a 2004 Testes, so it cannot be that bad.

On the peanuts note, some argue along the lines of “If so many people are allergic to them, they probably are not good for anyone.” The same argument goes for the lactose in milk. Anecdotally, milk is bloating as well.

[quote]gprix wrote:
Anecdotally, milk is bloating as well.[/quote]

Milk bloat rules.

Avocados,organic butter,olive oil (pref. unfiltered),walnuts

and potatoes pref. for post workout