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Easy to Push Over


So Im tall 6'5" 235 lbs and I dont feel like a I have good footing.What I mean is if Im slighty nudged or play pushed I always have to step back or in whatever direction I have been pushed.

You know how some guys just seem to be planted to the ground like an oak tree,Im not that guy.I stand pretty straight legged and with my weight over the outside and balls of my feet.

What can I do to be more solid.


work your lower body more? maybe you are "top heavy"


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do ground based movements. like squat, push press, hang clean, power clean,
try it and see if that doesn't work


Stop being 6'5"



Or grow bigger balls to lower your center of gravity


Tie weights to your ankles to even things out.


Spread your feet out. Seriously. Try it.


In other words, go train your legs more.. they will get bigger and there for your feet will be more spread.


Train jujutsu ,that made me "as solid as oak" since the day I started, now days I allways win the "barge" when Im out and some prick tries to push past me.


Play pushed?

If your talking about just walking around day to day your feet might not be shoulder width or wider apart.

Playing sports it's the same thing, cept you can also get lower so that you can lower your center gravity, and also use your legs.


Sounds like you have sh*tty balance..just say'n..

..or weak core


If you aren't expecting a play push then it will probably knock you back a bit.


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I was going to suggest Judo...


Play hockey


Buy a wheelchair and use it day to day. Then no one will push you.


Ok so I train legs twice a week and I do ATG squats no pussie shit also I do lots of OHPing but my core could use some work.

As far as not being 6'5" I will see what I can do.

Im fine when I push back but Im screwed when Im not expecting it.


Practice pushing against walls from various stances, positions and angles. Push HARD and learn to stabilize your stance and posture.


Or grow a vag and learn to suck air from it so you are being sucked to the ground.