Easy To Make Meals

I’m at university and lack both the time or motivation to make fancy meals, I want to be in and out of the kitchen as quick as possible but I want to eat good quality food and get stronger. I’ve very little knowledge of cooking so I wondered if people could post some easy meals they go to when looking to bulk up. The more detail you can provide about the cooking the better, I really am terrible in the kitchen. Hopefully it can become a resource for more people than me too.
My current go to meal is chicken breast, rice and veg but it gets a bit boring especially without any sort of flavouring.

Easiest thing to cook and one of the best things for bulking up = eggs. Just break em open and throw em in a pan however you like. Can even hard boil them in advance for a quick snack. Can’t go wrong.

Thank you that’s a good start, I rarely have eggs, I’ll buy some tomorrow.

Stir fry. Beef, chicken, pork, what ever type of protein you like. Bag of frozen veggies. Throw it over a bed of rice.

I like to splash it down with different vinegars- apple cider, red wine, malt, etc. Hit the spice aisle of the grocery store. Some of them have plum sauce and other nice things to mix in and change it up for yourself.

Quick, simple, and good.


And when you get tired of stir fry, throw it in a crock pot with BBQ sauce, beer, other spices. Super easy

Thank you both I’ll give that a try.

I cook a 400g packet of minced beef + a bit of some sauce and rice/pasta and that yields two meals. Tasty as hell, good macros and easy to make.

I was thinking of doing something like this, do you just put it in the fridge and reheat it?

If you can read and follow directions, you can be an excellent cook.

I any case, great suggestions above. One that I will add is literally anything in a crock-pot. You can eat like a king with a crock-pot and it is simple. Google crock-pot recipes.

One that you can try is:

Pot Roast of Beef
3-4 pound brisket, rump roast, or pot roast
3 potatoes (chopped or by a bunch of smaller russet style potatos)
3 carrots (chop 'em)
1-2 onions, cut up
1/2 cup of water
salt and pepper to taste

Put vegetables on the bottom first. Salt and pepper the meat, then put it in on top of the veggies. Add your water. Cover and cook on LOW for 10 hrs. Don’t open the lid till it is done.

If you like beans, go to the store and by a bag of uncooked beans. You can get a pound for a couple bucks. Cook those in a crock-pot. Cheap and easy.

If I’m honest I don’t even know what a crock pot is but it sounds like something my mum has at home so I’ll look into getting one. Seems like a great idea thank you very much.

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Basically yes. I cook on Sunday’s, pack them in little boxes (or bags if I run out of boxes) in 200g portions and reheat them when I need to eat. Rice, pasta or whatever else I will eat will me cooked or heated on the day I eat, because reheated rice and pasta are shit.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, everytime I reheat pasta or rice I struggle to finish it cos it’s not very nice. Thanks for helping.

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In case you are concerned about macros, simply putting sea salt and black pepper from a peppermill and some tomato puree on the beef when frying is awesome. I track my macros and have luckily found very good sauces to use but puree and even ketchup will do just fine.

I’m not too fussed about them right now, just trying to get lots of good quality food in rather than ready meals or something. I’ll buy some puree to add with some salt and pepper, thanks again.

x2 for the crock pot. That thing is a lifesaver.

I don’t know where in the world you live, but in the U.S. you can find a crock pot at just about any thrift store/ garage sale for a couple bucks. Also, one of those George Foreman grill thingys. Put some seasoning on a boneless skinless chicken breast and throw it in there. About 6-10 mins (depends on the thickness.) Slice and put ut on some fresh spinach, some rice chex for croutons, and you favorite salad dressing.
As far as the left over rice, throw in a blender in your protein shake.
Ground beef, salt/pepper, browned in a skillet, add canned beans, serve over rice.

I’m from the UK. I usually use a George foreman to grill all my chicken at the minute, they’re really convenient. I don’t know if I could force myself to drink rice in a shake that sounds dreadful.

For rice, you can reheat if you put a little water back in it and it’s much better

You definitely have to gave a blender, but I think it actually makes it better. You know, as long as it is plain rice. Makes it thick and yummy like a milk shake. :wink:

We call crock pots slow cookers in the UK… get one!