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Easy To Install Chin Bar?


does anybody know where i can buy a chinning bar online? like one of those ones that support themselves somehow on the doorframe and dont require nails or screws or anything. and before anyone suggests pvc or whatever and making my own, its not an option. thanks.


If you want a cheap one that works try Wal-Mart (I'm not kidding).




thanks for the replies, im gonna get that sexy looking newyorkbarbell one.


You could also look for a DoorGym. Can be found on amazon.com, most sporting goods stores. Easy to assemble and works great. Can also do pushups and hooked feet sit ups with it.


Make sure you buy a quality chin-up bar. I got one from Hibbet Sporting Goods and it lasted me about 3 weeks before it got ripped of the door frame!! I think it cost me $20....


Would you happen to know how much weight that supports? I way 230. It seems to me like it would just tear the top tier of the door frame right off.


That looks pretty cool. I've only seen the type with screws before. Has anyone used one for natural glute-ham raises?



i got one of these for christmas. i weigh about 235 and it supports me with no problem. pretty fancy engineering... the vast majority of your weight is applied forward against the wall that the two sides are resting on, not pulling down from whatever it's grabbing onto up top. kind of hard to invision hahah, but trust me.
feels great doin some chins in the morning to wake urself up!