Easy Strength for Wrestling and Baseball.

What up all. I’m a senior in high school and I have been using Easy Strength-style workouts. What I really like about them is that I have the energy left to practice wrestling (my first year lol) and baseball (my main sport). For example, I did 5x2 each on push jerks and snatches last workout. On Friday I did 3x3 on bench press (don’t want to start a baseball - benching debate) and box squats. My goals are a 185x1 bench and a 315 box squat. For the Olympic lifts, they are a 175x1 push jerk, a 155x1 power clean, and a 135 power snatch. And so it begins.

(PS, what good HS wrestling forums are out there?)

Today’s lift: 3x3 at 95 lbs on bench, 5 reps at 135, 3 reps at 185, 2 reps at 225 on box squat, 3x3 at 135 on deadlift, 5x2 at 115 on push jerk and 2x5 strict pull ups.

What up all. 2x5 at 115 on bench, 2x5 at 135 on deadlift, 2x6 strict pullups, 3x3 hang power cleans at 95 lbs, 5x2 with 65 lbs on snatches. Finished with 1x15 3ext kettlebell swings (a la Pavel) at 30lbs and pickup basketball

Light lift today. 2x5 at 135 on box squats, 2x5 at 95 lbs, 2x5 at 155 lbs on deadlift. Gatorade performance chews didn’t affect much.

Light lift tonight. 2x5 on box squats at 135, 2x5 on bench at 95 lbs, 2x5 on deadlift at 155.

Been a bit busy with family, but here’s the lifts from 11-25, 11-17 and today. 11-25: Push jerk 3x3 at 95lbs, Hang Power Cleans 3x3 and 95lbs, Hang power snatch 3x3 at 65lbs, and 2x5 at 85 lbs on floor press. 11-27: Push jerks only that day. 3x2 at 95lbs, 2x1 at 115, 1x at 135. Today I didn’t have access to the gym so i did a quick kettlebell/sandbag workout. 3x5 sandbag clean and press superset with 3x10 kettlebell swings. Then Double KB front squats 4x5 superset with weighted pushups 4x10 and neck flexion 4x10. Finished with 4x5/5 kettlebell snatches. Kettlebell(s) weigh 45lbs, sandbag weighs 80lbs. Happy Thanksgiving!