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Easy Salmon Dip/Spread

Well people are always looking for easy quick good meals /snacks here is one I am just finishing eating.

Simple ingredients.
Salmon ( wild is my preference)
Fat Free Cream Cheese
Green Onion
Lemon Pepper.
Salt pepper

Simply put generous amounts of dill and Garlic as well as lemon pepper on a Nice big piece of salmon Mine was about 8oz. I always put a leaf or two of lettuce in the pan so the salmon wont stick. Nice handy lil trick. Then bake

In a Bowl mix 2 Tbs of the cream cheese and a couple diced green onions and two pack splenda.

After the salmon is baked add to the onion and cream cheese, salt and pepper to taste and I used big ole celery stalks to dip the mixture out.

Damn good little meal. About 350 k/cals in the batch I made. Ton of Protein good fats and a few complex carbs. Adjust for the portion of salmon and the cream cheese used. You could make a big batch of this ahead of time. I plan on it. And have it chilled for a damn nice snack and way to spice up the veggies a bit.

Oh with the salmon, garlic, onion etc. plan on a breath mint or a good tooth brushing before any public speaking.

You could also use tuna in this and it would be DAMN fast no cooking involved or canned salmon I imagine. Also if your a bread eater Im sure it would be a hell of a sandwich. Even add a Hard boiled egg and pickle relish.


I like it. Gonna have to give it a try.

Btw…do you ever get the canned salmon with the soft bone through the middle? Even faster p/f combo. I keep the juices in it for flavor, put it in a bowl and add whatever veggies I feel like around it.

I have a variation to that: Put the salmon on a grill with all the coals on the opposite side. then throw in some hickory smoke chips…let smoke for 4 hours…It’s awesome for the dip!

Sounds good. Thanks for sharing it!