▶️ Easy Muscle - Unconventional Joint-Friendly Exercises

00:00 You need to get unstuck.
If you’ve been lifting hard and heavy for a while, you need an unconventional approach to get unstuck. Try these joint-friendly exercises.

00:12 Safety-Bar Squat
The safety-bar squat is a joint-friendly way to build big wheels. The hand position allows you to hammer your legs even if you have painful shoulders and the mobility of a pitchfork.

00:24 The Trap-Bar Romanian Deadlift
The trap-bar Romanian deadlift keeps the weight in line with your body, reducing shearing forces on your spine. You may find yourself going much heavier than you could with the traditional version.

00:35 Z-Press
The Z-press is an overhead press while seated on the floor. It optimizes overhead pressing mechanics, builds better trunk and overhead control — and adds size to traps, rhomboids, and delts. Ideally, start with dumbbells or kettlebells, then work up to a barbell as your strength and stability improve.

00:56 Pendlay Row
The Pendlay row is surprisingly lower-back friendly. Rather than performing each rep from a hang, begin each rep with the barbell resting on the ground. This eliminates the stretch reflex and builds more muscle.

01:10 Trap Bar Bent-Over Row
The trap bar bent-over row eliminates lower-back fatigue and better hits the target muscles. The neutral grip also allows for a greater range of motion.

01:22 Body-Saw
The body-saw Is a hybrid between a plank and an ab-wheel rollout. It works incredibly well because it’s both an isometric and anti-extension core exercise. Doing Body-Saws reduces back pain while providing a ton of muscle-building tension in your abs.

Eric Bach

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