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"I certainly don't think this is a Pakistani thing. My staff would say that there is an over-representation of people from minority ethnic groups â?? Afghans, people from Arabic nations â?? but it's not just one nation," said Narey.

Retired detective chief superintendent Max McLean, who led a previous police investigation into sexual exploitation involving the grooming and trafficking of young girls in Leeds, questioned whether it was a cultural problem.

"I'm not suggesting, and I do not think anybody is, that it is a problem within a community," he told the Today programme. What I am saying is that, when you take a crime type â?? street grooming â?? and see that the vast majority of people convicted are from a particular community, then there appears something we should do about those offenders.

"But that is the very danger, that we say that all street groomers are Asian men. What we have found is that our investigations have led to convictions, generally speaking, for this type of crime."


It is very common in many cultures, especially 3rd world, to regard outsiders with contempt. Turning people not of one's culture into druggies or prostitutes is not considered wrong at all. Britain is being ruined by such barbarians.

How prevalent is that here?


I think that a lot of minorities from Islamic countries do indeed see themselves as different and,in some cases, above the people they live amongst. In my opinion it is a factor in why a lot of those groups fail to fit in as well as they could do.


I wouldn't limit that to just people from Islamic countries. I see that all the time with all sorts of cultures. Americans do it all the time in other countries as well.

As a rule of thumb, I can't stand it when people WILLINGLY go to a different culture for any extended period of time, but absolutely refuse to assimilate, and think of themselves as superior to the people that grew up there. Do some people really never think "Hmmm, maybe they do things this way for a reason." ?


H4M: we've just got rid of a government that for the last 13 years has pushed unwanted immigration and multiculturalism on us. The result has been in many places a large community of people from South-East Asia (especially Pakistan) that has not integrated. Bradford (city in Yorkshire) is known as Bradistan because of the extent of immigration. They marry women, often no more than girls, from Pakistan who are illiterate and the result is a further lack of integration.

FTR I don't believe it's a religious thing, as other muslim communities from other countries integrate just fine. It seems a cultural problem confined to the South Asia, and especially Pakistani area. However there is ahuge racial sensitivity issue.

Because many people didn't report it, it's not sure how widespread the issue is. But the problem is that yes, white young girls are regarded as sluts and easy prey by a few. What is more worrying is that they were not brought to justice earlier because of fears of repurcussions 'within the community'. That's worrying

I agree with you about other cultures doing it i.e. white westerners visiting South-East Asia for sex tourism. The problem is as it's so underground in both cases it's impossible to gauge numbers.

America is luckier. You get the smarter, intelligent immigrants from Europe/Asia because they have to fly there. Border controls round Europe, especially Eastern Europe.... not so great.


I'm english/pakistani and lived in that area for a while. Lots of my relatives are from bradford/leeds.

Generally, our cultural norms with regards to sex, or marriage, or women are fucked. And if a non-asian person tries to come in to 'help' they are almost immediately ignored since they are the outsiders. The community can be very insular.

Lots of young girls are taken on 'holiday' back to pakistan and married off there. Utter bullshit. Makes me so fucking angry that 'my' people still live like this.


I agree. I have yet to come across a culture that didn't have something positive and interesting.


Are you forgetting about our illegal mexican immigrants? lol.


But according to some, they will save our economic woes. We must makes them citizens so we can be a prosperous country like Mexico.


True enough mate. It is a commonly enough found way of thinking in lots of minority groups. I only used Islamic countries as an example because it was relevent to what the OP started the thread about.

My dad is Turkish and my mum is English and while growng up I always used to hear stuff from my dad and grandad about "the bloody English!". I now live in Japan (where I am in the minority) and I find myself sometimes doing the same thing.

I think it is a combination of two things;

1) Minority groups often have a hard time in new countries and start to adopt an attitude of superiority in response.

2) Minorities start to look at their home countries through rose tinted glasses and seem to forget the very reasons for leaving in the first place.