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Easy-Hardgainer Diet

I feel like I haven’t quite got my foot down on how to eat as a easy hard gainer. I realize Coach Thib posted some guidelines.But I guess I need more info.

Would it be folly to follow a strategy like JB’s massive eating, or should an easy-hardgainer eat more in the likes of the MAX-OT diet?

Please anyone, don’t hesitate to fill me in.



also interested

I’m also interested in this topic, and would like to hear from CT, JB or LL if they have the time.

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve been following JB’s diet because it allows much more carbs than Max OT, making the meals actually feel fulfilling (the P + C ones anyway). Also, our body types should be able to handle carbs quite well, if they’re not excessive.

If anyone does try the diet, please post your results and let us know if it was effective.

If you guys (or anyone) have ideas relating to this, feel free to respond.