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Easy-Hard Gainers Revisited

Hi Chris, I was flicking through the archives and came across the old '04 articles


Now I understand you have refined and developed your understanding of training physiology since '04, so you might have something to say about what you would do differently if you were to write it these days.

With the introduction of ‘feeler sets’ and ramping, wave loading has become fairly obsolete (though not incomparable). Would you swap out the wave loading with ramping sets?

I assume all the diet advice including higher carbs still applies, especially now I have tried low carbs several times and I just seem to thin down (even more!). I will admit eating a good 2 meals of high carbs is a ‘minimum’ for easy-hard gainers.

What are a few dot-points, tips or quips?

I’m wondering about this as well.

I don’t know… the 3/2/1 ramp is still my favorite way to train the deadlift.

These 3s and 2s are just so powerful after the singles, I haven’t manged to get the same explosive effect from simply ramping.