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Easy-Hard Gainer Updates

Discovered the easy hard gainer articles and they really ring true with me. Over the years I’ve kept coming back to the conclusion that body building hypertrophy style training never yields very good results for me. When I return to more strength based lower rep and volume routines i always put on good quality mass.

I note that this article is from quite a while ago and would appreciate your opinion on any changes that you would make to the routine based on what you have learnt over the past few years. I have started following the routine exactly as outlined and really I’m really enjoying it!

I have a few other questions, but will await your opinion on any possible changes and updates and how you feel about this routine

thanks, your advise is always much appreciated.

Ive always responded to 4 to 6 rep ranges doing max ot for over 10 years and tried higher reps and seem to lose mass. I would also like to know about this program.

It’s an interesting one, I built the most mass i ever have running strong lifts 5X5 and that was after years of bodybuilding splits

there is a guy at my gym who is an absolute genetic freak, I speak to him alot about training and nutrition. He trains so high volume ,probably 30 plus sets per muscle group and very high reps, he is easily 17stone of solid mass at a lowish body fat. He says his daily calorie is around 2500 and that is on a bulk, anymore and he will put on too much fat

I always think about replicating his methods but we are to genetically different!