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Easy Gripper Training

ok so here is a little routine that will deffinatly give you a strong grip.

Grip training: mon,wed,fri 3 days a week

Warm up, No. 150 gripper 4 X 12 reps

No. 200 gripper 4 X 8 and 7 reps

No. 250 gripper closed as far as possible and held for as long as possible, 2 sets

Drop Set–No. 250 closed and held, 1 set

No. 200 closed 3x5 times and held

No. 150 closed 4x6 times and held

Pinch grip:

Hold 2 25 for as long as possible

3x max hold

over time if a gripper becomes easy, switch it.

Interesting, where did you get it or what did you base it on?
I’d guess all the grippers are Heavygrips judging from the poundages.
I have a variety (COC, RB & HG) and have found the HG season badly (i.e. a lot).
I don’t think grip training is, or should be, easy - simple maybe but not easy.
I have found the KTA program to be superb for results, but it is definitely NOT easy.


Not bad but there are 10,000 other things you can do as well.

Do you hold the grip with the spring at the top or bottom or both? Do you mix it up?

i found it online, here is the site

i basically made a little program out of what is said in the little article. I dont know who the guy is but he seems to be a strong man i mean it did say he competed in many events and all.

oh and i dotn use mixed gripper just with the springs at the top, but mixed grip is a great idea.