Easy Gainers: Cut Days?


As I sat around playing Zelda today while Foopa obediently slept on the couch I began to ponder upon the meaning of T-life. Why are we here and what is our purpose.

Ok stop the sad music; this is a topic I’d like to have some heated debate on.
The topic: CUT DAYS

Bulking diets often consist of cheat days to help pack in the calories but for some of us we struggle to gain weight a REASONABLE level while bulking. I personally can’t maintain just a lb/week of weight gain; usually it’s 2-3. Alot of it’s b/c of my piss-poor habits and non-relgious dedication to eating “clean” all the time, even though I do lift more often than Professor X scares children.

Now I’d like to bulk but I don’t want my weight gain to spiral out of control and escalate into an uncontrolled situation similar to Foopa getting loose and chasing a cat.

So for all of us easy-gainers what do you think of including “cut days” in midst of our bulks; basically a day where we cut back on calories to a hypocaloric level (maybe V-diet one day every week or two).
Thoughts, opinions, flames?

And P.S. Spike is the most amazing shit when you have to work in the morning and just might be running on a few hours of sleep on account of too much fun.
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I’ve been mulling this over in my head for a while as well, but what I come down to each time is this:

Is it better to do something like no carbs on non-weight training days, or is it better to do more “cardio” to increase energy expenditure? Is it better to do both? Doing cardio while bulking cops a fair bit of shit sometimes, but I also think that the better work and recovery capacity it gives you is worth it.

In general, I try to limit the carbs on off days. Not only does this stop the waistline from growing (as quickly, lol), but I seem a lot more receptive to the carbs on training days.

Sorry for the ramble. I was thinking while typing.

Very accurate logic.
Skeletal muscle becomes insulin resistance on non-workout days due to the microtrauma.
I asked LL about it after his presentation at Stanley and he says he ups his fat intake 10% on non-training days.

Well… I see that you have one of two options

1 - Try it out and let us know how things went for you

2 - Try and clean up those piss-poor eating habbits and let us know how THAT went for you

My guess is that the cutting days will be uncondusive to your goals, and you will just put the fat on a little slower. If you have the determination to go on the V-diet 2 days a week, you have the determination to just not eat as much on the other days.

Maybe you could do a few maintenence days and then use one or two days to eat the majority of your weekly cal allotment.

I’ve been thinking about this, have looked into somthing just like your describing. I was looking into more of a 100 carb day (200 less than w/o day), which would also cycle the cals. I’ve read “Nutrient Timing” and so much crap, and asked in the “PrimeTime” when we used to have it, and the only purpose I could find a for CHO’s on off days is energy for the nextwork out and sanity. The anabolic window is only 3 hours max and then there’s a shitty 24 hour max one, not 48. Anyone has opininons on low carb intake on off days post.