Easy-Gainer & Calf Programs?

Just curious if anyone of you tried any of those programs and what was your results?

Intresting article right there, feels a little bit weird to come off a high volume and go for lower/upper body twice weekly with super-low volume.


Anyone :confused: ?

[quote]Quadforce wrote:
Anyone :confused: ?[/quote]

I’m not sure what programs your talking about.

I did the following short calf workout several years ago and added 1 1/2 inches in 2 months and haven’t really trained them directly since

Week 1: Seated calf raise
Put on enough weight so that you would probably fail with 10 with an all out effort. Do 3-5 reps, stretching at the bottom and squeezing at the top. Rest just long enough to remove your legs/feet from the machine, put-em back and do 3-5 more. Continue with these breakdown sets of 3-5 for about 50 total reps (maybe less). Takes about 3 minutes. Get help walking/driving for the next 3 days.

Week 2: Same thing with standing or Donkey calf raises.

Thanks for the answer!

I’m talking about this:


and this: