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Easy food

The simpler the better! Besides MRP’s, what other (easily prepared) foods can you keep on hand in bulk? Eating 6 times a day is tough so I was wondering what others were eating for the extra 3 daily meals.

I like lowfat cottage cheese because it’s versatile. I usually buy a few containers and freeze the ones I’m not using. You can mix in fruit to get higher carbs or protein powder for a higher protein meal or both. My favorite pre-workout meal is one cup cottage cheese and two tablespoons of natural peanut butter. Any combination looks nasty which is good because nobody bothers you for a taste.

It’s easier than you think. For breakfast, I usually have a protein shake and OJ. For Lunch, I have whatever leftovers I made for dinner the night before. If I don’t have leftovers, I have Tuna straight out of the packet or a sandwich. I have cottage cheese (16oz) and fruit as my next meal. Post-workout is Surge. Then my dinner, and usually a protein shake before bed or sometimes cottage cheese. So you have a choice of cottage cheese, eggs (boiled are easy to prepare), tuna, protein shakes, meat, etc. You can do it!

boil some chicken breasts. get some ground beef, buy the cheap kind, 80% lean, it’s not worth paying the extra $ for leaner cuts. cans of tuna fish. eggs. cottage cheese like others already said, i have to go easy on it because i’m slightly lactose intolerant. oatmeal, honey, buy in bulk size whatever you can. laters pk

If you take a little time prep your meals, you can have everything ready when you need it. Old fashioned (not instant!) oatmeal is great. It takes 1-2 minutes in the microwave. Then mix in some all natural peanut butter (1-2 tablespoons) and chocolate protein powder and you’re done (I keep milk, oatmeal, and PB handy in my refrigerator at work). Take a Sunday afternoon and make the Berardi brother’s bodybuilder’s chili (do a search for it in the T-Mag previous issues or just pick up the current paper mag). It takes very little time and you end up with about 14 meals. You can modify it a little to suit your taste (add garlic, jalapenos, etc.). I just finished off a tub of the stuff and it’s pretty good. Technically, it’s more of a “meat paste” than a chili, but it’s still tasty. Sometimes I add a couple tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese before I nuke it and it tastes vaguely reminiscent of meaty lasagna, without the pasta. Also, try TC’s version of chanko (make sure to use real rice-no instant stuff) too. And hard-boiled eggs are great, too. I just boil a dozen at a time. Finally, you can mix up a big sealable container of tuna (get the BIG cans for cost efficiency) with some low fat mayo and it will keep all week in the refrigerator. I’ve found it helps a lot to just get everything for the week ready on Sunday and cart a ton of Tupperware around with me during the day. For simplicity and convenience, I divide my pre-made meals into two types: (1) Ready to eat and, (2) Stuff that needs to be heated. Then it’s easy to figure out what I’ll need every morning, based on where I’ll be in relation to a microwave. Good luck.

Sorry fellas this may sound dumb but for the bodybuilders chilli how long does it need to ‘Broil’ for (what is Broil) sorry guys im a dumb ass Aussie Kid.

Not exactly a culinary genius, huh? LOL. That’s okay, broiling ground beef just means that you cook it in a pan on the stove (might mean something different in Australia). I’d use a non-stick pan, and make sure to drain the fat off before you throw it in a tub. Oh, and don’t worry about cooking the final mixture of beans, tomato paste, etc. any further once you get it all mixed up. Just portion it out when you need it. Enjoy!

I’m not too big on preparing in bulk (more than a days worth, anyway), but given that I’m a college student, I prefer foods that I can make quickly. I’m using the massive eating combinations, so I have staple P&F and P&C meals I can make in about 2 mins. The P&F is just a green salad, with tuna and salad dressing (I use a mix of this organic italian stuff and some flax…tastes good). The P&C is even easier, but is my favorite by far. Just mix cooked old fashioned oats with cottage cheese and add some splenda/sucrolose (it’s a God-send). It doesn’t sound too good, but it tastes incredible.

Cheers for the info Demo, Cant wait to make up my batch sunday,going to save me alot of time. cheers again.

Two words: Baked beans. Sure at first they can have some after effects (be careful around elevators) but your body soon gets used to 'em. These are great for any meal soon after a workout as an 840g can contains 40.4g of Protein, 1.4g of Fat and 141.2 carbs. Great stuff, fills a hole too. They’re cheap and you can eat them straight out of the can. Then just chuck straight into the recycling when finished. No mess no fuss.

Great P + C meal: add tuna to lentil soup (progresso is good).

Low fat chocolate milk for me.

Broiling is done in an oven and its when the heat source is above the meat.

Guess I was just taught differently. Yes, broiling can be done in the stove, with the heat source above the food (usually for steaks, chicken braests, and other cuts of meat), but to broil ground beef I was always instructed to use a saucepan. Different strokes, I guess.

Fruit & veggies, and plenty of them. No
preparation required, just eat eat eat!
Nuts are good too: protein, good fats, and
complex carbs.

“Broiling” is cooking by exposing meat directly to the heat source (e.g. “the flame-broiled Whopper.”) Cooking ground beef in a pan or pot on the stove is usually referred to as “browning” the hamburger.