Easy Extra Calories

Yo guys. I’m pretty much your stereotypical skinny guy, starting out to build some mass. I’ve been training for a while, actually, but stalled out after newbie gains. The solution for me is more calories – been keeping a log and notice progress when I get enough in – so here’s my question: how do you guys like to take in this gratuitous amount of calories?

I tend to get to a point where it’s the end of the day, my stomach is completely full, but i’m still 500-1000 kcal short of where I need to be. I mean, I could go eat a big mac, (done it a few times in skinny anger, lol) but it feels awful. Olive oil seems to work best of stuff I’ve tried so far, or honey… you guys have any favorite/effective ‘easy’ calories?

Well, fats will be the most calorie dense foods you can eat. Also, depending on how lean and skinny you really are, indulging in some foods off your diet plan will probably help you.

How many calories are you aiming for? Appetite and the amount of food volume your stomach can hold is something that can come with time if you don’t have the ability yet. Gradually adding a few extra calories over time should be no problem.

On a side note, are you eating lots of carbs? If so, what sources? Also, are you eating dairy?

peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

go get em tiger

you better not be eating chicken and tuna.

If you’re not eating beef and salmon, there’s your first mistake.

heavy whipping cream and PB in shakes

Everyone will tout Natty peanut butter, but here’s a good way to look at it…

1 serving of PB is about 200 calories. Assuming you eat at least 5 times a day, taking a serving (2 Tbsp) of PB after each meal will EASILY add 1000 cals at the end of the day.


Mayonnaise and white pasta.

nom nom nom

Walnuts: extra 200 cal per serving.

Poptart and peanut butter sandwiches.

Whole chocolate milk.

Stuffed pork chops.

Pizza with quadruple meat.

I could go on and on. Just man up and eat your damn food, twiggy!

What about all the sugar in chocolate milk.I looked last week and I think it was 28g for 1 cup,seems like alot.

[quote]bond james bond wrote:
What about all the sugar in chocolate milk.I looked last week and I think it was 28g for 1 cup,seems like alot.[/quote]

It’s easy [tasty] extra calories.

olive oil & mixed nuts & natty PB can add calories fast as hell

This is a good question. Right now I aim for 4500 calories a day but thats my wall ,I just cant get past it and 4500 is only possible on the days where I’ve timed my meals perfectly. Otherwise I’m at 2 am cursing that last pb sandwich or weight gain shake.
I dont know how some of you guys get up as high as you do.

I use protein shakes as beverages and not as meal ‘replacements’.


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
I use protein shakes as beverages and not as meal ‘replacements’.


This is working well for me too.

Either plain whey, protein blend + light olive oil, or whole milk with every meal. Get enough fiber and your stomach won’t hate you.

I agree, I only use weight gainers when I feel I’ve maxed out how much food I can eat in a day without help. Unfortunately my “max” could be alot higher.
I’ve noticed I need approx 4000 cal’s a day to maintain, and 4400+ to gain anything,

double thick cream and honey.

shots of olive oil, natty PB and avocados…quick easy calories.

I carry a bag of mixed nuts with me. Calorie denseness baby.


Inspiration. FFB’s need not apply.

I don’t actually eat any of those things, but gives me ideas on adding foods in to other meals. It’s also hilarious.