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Easy Eatin'

I need some advice on easy eatin’. I am sick as shit of MRP’s and quite frankly they just don’t satisfy. I am a completely lazy bastard with no interest in doing alot of food prep for the week. So my question are good ways to eat clean during the week with little to no preparation, lunch and breakfast. I just want to get it nuke it and eat it. Damn, I wish somebody would come up with pre-made instant meals for bodybuilders and sell them at the grocery stores, how about it bio-test?

Buy a bag of frozen chicken breasts. You can throw one straight from the freezer into the microwave and they come out nice and juicy. Tuna, canned or in the packets. Canned salmon, if you can choke it down. Yogurt with a scoop of vanilla protein powder mixed in. Cottage cheese with whatever you want to throw into it (I like mine on sliced tomatoes). For carb sources throw some oatmeal into a cup or bowl, add some water, and nuke it. Nuke a potato (I know, spikes the insulin, but ya gotta pay the price sometimes if you’re feeling lazy.) Buy the small cans of different types of veggies (I eat them cold). Hopefully these’ll get your energy levels up high enough to where you can get off your ass and make a real meal. :slight_smile:

can of tuna, some cheese, some salt/pepper/spices - mix and heat until cheese is melted and browned. toaster oven is better than the microwave, but either works.

What’s so tough about opening a package of tuna or a can of salmon and dumping on a bowl of bagged spinach? What’s so tough about the Foreman?

if the following is too difficult, i don’t know what to tell you.

go to the frozen food section, pick up a bazillion normal gardenburgers, some frozen broccoli, frozen peppers, whatever you like (except the gylcemic stuff like corn). go to the frozen/fresh fish section, by a ton. at my store, they have frozen fish of many different types already pre-packaged in 4-6 oz sizes so this is easy. go to the plastic aisle and get a bunch of reusable gladware or ziplock containers (the medium ones).

go home.

open the fish/cut the fish into portion sizes (bfl size (your fist) is probably good enough).

put the fish into the bottom of a container, on top put 1 gardenburger, on top of that load up the container with your favorite frozen veggies. put a few splashes of soy sauce, hot sauce, or whatever low sugar sauces you can come up with. if you don’t like fish, throw a frozen cooked chicken breast in there instead.

cover and stock the freezer. when i do this, i usually make about 16-20 meals in about 20-30 minutes time and just pull them out of the freezer during the week.

another thing to try… get 3-5 lbs of ground turkey breast, a couple of chili seasoning packages, some tomatoes, onion, garlic, blah blah (you can put anything in chili). make a big pot of chili. when done, fill up the medium containers about 3/4 full and freeze. i can usually get 10-16 out of one really big pot of this stuff.

use your imagination… making chili takes about 20 minutes of work time and about a few hours of it sitting there.

this is how i handle making large quantities of good food that is nutritious and highly convenient.

hope this helps…