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Easy Dietary Rules

What are your guys easy to apply general rules of eating and diet? I don’t count calories and at the moment don’t want to dedicate that much time to planning and tracking my intake.

Some of the things I’d adhere to are:
-Don’t eat total shit.
-No drinking calories other than protein with whole milk.
-always eat a protein with every meal.

How about you guys?

Now what about little shit? Or horse shit? Bull?

But seriously. Eat your veggies. Shits and all.

I’ve never counted a calorie or macro in my life and have found success using the following approaches.

-Never mix carbs and fats in the same meal. There might be some science behind it, but if nothing else, I make far fewer bad choices with this principle. Carbs and fats mixed together are pretty much all the yummy things that aren’t good for you: donuts and pastries, mac n cheese, french fries, etc etc.

-Even further on carbs, I only ever consume them around lifting workouts, and even THEN they’re pretty rare. They’re an energy source, and unless I NEED that energy, I forego them and aim for protein and fats instead. When I’m gaining weight I especially find I don’t need carbs: I get enough of them from various fat sources like nuts that I don’t need to go out of my way to get them. When I’m losing fat, they’re a little more important, as I’m so nutritionally deprived, so I’ll make a dedicated effort to eat a carby meal before my two heaviest training sessions of the week (squat and deadlift day).

-Frequent, small meals. I literally eat every hour when I’m at work, but what I call a meal is what some folks would call a snack. Like, a protein bar counts, a small salad, a sandwich, etc. I make better decisions when I’m eating frequently vs if I go a long time between meals and end up gorging myself.

-Never eat to the point of fullness. Chasing fullness is chasing fatness.

-When losing fat, be hungry.

-Don’t drink alcohol. It’s bad for you.

Those are some super easy ones for now.


lean protein and veggies/salad with every meal (except porridge at breakfast)
to loose fat eat the same meals over and over again
don’t drink calories when not drinking
eat every 2-3 hours
mainly real food not processed stuff
1 meal or day a week it doesn’t matter just enjoy it
above all else total calories are most important

Hillbilly simple diet for size and strength:
100 gms 100% whey a day
1 pound of meat a day
Other food

I just try to hit a certain number of calories and protein per day.


This is what I’ve found to be most sustainable for me.

All the stuff around carb control/ratio stuff probably has a lot of validity, but it stresses me out

I’m a “serving size is the container “ type of person so my rule is: for foods I like, only buy quantities that can easily be fit into my allotment (ie 4oz packet of cheese instead of a large block).

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  • One meal per day.
  • simple carb cycling; no carbs (max 100g from veggies) on off days.
  • High protein; 1g per pound of bodyweight.
  • alcool = evil
  • don’t mix carbs and fat in the same meal.

Other than coffee with a little cream, try to fast until it’s time to lift (which is mid- to late afternoon for me). If starving, eat just enough fat (= natty PB, or cheese) to not be miserable. Have a hit of simple carbs at the beginning of the workout to tamp cortisol.



Eat fresh fruit or veggies with every meal.
Only eat homemade, from scratch “unhealthy” foods
If my restaurant meal will cost more than $20/plate, fuck any consideration given to nutrition.
Don’t miss meals
Eat leftovers for lunch, avoid eating out
Be bourgeois on a budget. Eggs, coffee, butter are relatively cheap to get top quality.
Meals are about the meat and veggies. The starchy carb is added according to how active you were or plan to be that day.
Drinking diluted Tang/drink mix during a workout results in a way better workout.


Hello! Nice question. My maximum simple rules include: less carbs, natural food, more vegetables, enough protein. Sounds simple, but it’s quite hard to d oeveryday.

A word of caution on protein. I’ve lived a high protein life for about 25 years and now at (almost) 56, I have early stage kidney disease. Please be moderate on your protein intake and don’t go crazy like I used to.

Multiple studies have shown that this is not the case.

Don’t you use steroids?

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Sorry to hear that studhammer.

Would you mind sharing what “crazy” was in terms of an amount?

My father who is diabetic has followed a high protein diet for year too to control his blood sugar also has this issue but his much more severe.

Yes, I blast and cruise but nothing too outrageous. 250 test and 200 mast/week with a blast of anavar a couple times a year.

There were consistent days of over 300 grams. Admittedly, a lot of that came from whey protein shakes. But, I also ate dozens of eggs and lots of red meat per week.

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Not looking to argue. Just saying that younger lifters should get their blood work done and pay attention to the Renal Panel as they age.

This is perma blasting IMO. If one deviates much from high end TRT for cruising, it becomes a perma blast IMO. If you are healthy, or are okay with a bit more risk, you do you. I believe it should be an individual decision. Just don’t fool yourself that 450 mg/wk is TRT.

I don’t. But I feel good and my Dr knows and my numbers are all pretty good (other than the kidney issue). No prostrate issues, great erections and libido. I don’t tire easily and I’m doing a full body workout 3 times a week. All in all, I think I’m doing pretty good.

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Thanks for the info on the protein amounts studhammer.