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Easy Breakfast Preparations



It’ll last the week without any issues.

Usually an 8oz bag. I don’t always use the whole bag.


This is off the top of my head:
2 lbs of chicken breast, 2-3 lbs of taders, 36 large eggs, 1 large onion, bell pepper or Jalapenos diced (optional) 4 cup bag of cheese 40-50 Tortillas pending on the size of the tortilla. You can season how you want.

I also use olive oil and include that in my macros.

Wrap the burritos then wrap them in foil.

Freeze them, they will last until you eat them all.

You really can make this how you want. just add all the nutrients together and divide per serving.
same thing with cost. Add everything you bought together and divide per serving.


Scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado, cottage cheese, and hot sauce - specifically sriracha. Yummy. But i don’t know how this guys digestive system handles dairy, since he reacts badly to Greek yogurt, so it depends. Lactaid makes a lactose-free cottage cheese which is awesome if need be.


Nice! This is a must for me as I mealprep for the work week. Thanks!


Much appreciated! I’ll scale down and try it out. My freezer is disappointingly small and needs to fit some other stuff other than just burritos.


Fresh out of the oven


Oven temperature?


I do 350


Might be trying this out today actually. Thanks for the timely response!


In case anyone wants the nutritional facts

*6 servings


I may give this a whirl, I will need to see where I can find a carton of egg whites .


Also don’t disregard wraps/burritos/tortillas. You can make them with virtually anything and have very little prep time outside of what it takes to cook the stuff you put in them.