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Easy Breakfast Preparations

Hi – I’m struggling to find a breakfast I can bulk cook and stick in the fridge.

I have a new eating plan that’s working well for me. Mainly as I’m prepping all my meals and eating the same food every day. Quelle Surprise.

But breakfast is a struggle. At the moment I boil 8 eggs every other day, and then mash 4 of them with ketchup for one sitting. I have this on a single slice of toast. Its worse than it sounds.

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions. Its got to be minimal effort just prior or eating. Otherwise I will reach for the peanut butter and have 5 slices.

Protein shakes and Greek style yogurt are out – I get major digestive issues with either.

Everything else is fair game.

I did wonder about warming omelettes. But that sounds a bit risky.

The only thing I can think about doing is getting some protein bars. But I’m loathed to do this.

Thanks for the help

I’ve just started having this

I work out in the morning, so it’s ideal as breakfast for me. Actually, I love it so much, I go to sleep looking fw to having this in the morning, haha.
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Cartoon of egg whites, a dozen eggs, 1lbs ground beef (or turkey), and a bag of cheese. Bake for about 45 minutes and cut into 6-8 slices depending on the size of the pan.

You can always add extras too.

*greens, bacon, ham, tomato, etc…


A few options:

Scrambled eggs (takes 5 minutes at most to prep), you can add cheese, spices, ketchup, and toast a few slices of bread while the eggs cook. It’s not as quick as having pre boiled eggs, but tastes a million times better. You can also have bacon on the side.

Cottage cheese with jam. You can add peanut butter and fruit but even just jam makes cottage cheese taste awesome. Try berries jam or strawberry jelly. You can have rice cakes with that.

Cream of rice or cream of wheat. It’s already been mentioned. Just pour some water into a cup with cream of rice and put into the microwave. You can add peanut butter, chocolate syrup, protein powder. Oats work too.

Egg whites and blueberries. You can add maple syrup, cinnamon, or other fruit. Cook the whites in coconut oil.

PB&J sandwiches aren’t a bad option either. You can even prep them the night before and have them ready. Add a banana, a cup of coffee and you’ve got yourself a tasty and complete meal.

The breakfast I’ve had everyday for a few months is scrambled eggs + egg whites, cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes, and cream of rice with chocolate syrup on the side. Every once in a while I have the eggs in a wrap or tortilla. I’m always in a rush in the morning and all of this takes 10-15 minutes total to prep and eat.

Brown meatballs and cut up some sweet potato and capsicum in your bulk prep.

In the AM. Throw on your rice cooker, dump all the above in plus a handful of spinach and cup rice.

Go have a shower and come back to some goodness.


Get a slowcooker. Throw in some meat, stock veggies, herbs. Set it just before you go to bed. Wake up to a ready and hot breakfast.


Steel cut oats, in a bowl. Add milk/water/whatever (2x the volume of liquids to oats). Some peanut butter and frozen berries and salt.

In the fridge overnight, add cinnamon and naple syrup, this is awesome cold in the AM.

Easy protein sha… never mind lol

How about meat?

Steak lol. I love it just look at my log. Small piece seasoned the night before or whenever. Pan hot as fuck. Bam. One side. Bam other side. 10mins. 40-60g protein

Chicken thigh fillet reheats nice because it has a bit more fat in it than chicken breast and ends up more moist and flavourful.

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Do you brown the meat before? This sounds tasty!


Oats and frozen berries where my go to for years. You can modify in plenty of ways depending on taste or diet plan.

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I mass produce breakfast burritos. Eggs, Potatoes onions chicken and cheese. wrap them up and freeze them. I tend to make 40-50 at a time, and It comes out to less than a $ per burrito last I did the math. My batches come out to be 289 CAL, 30.4 carb, 12.6 fat, 14.8 Protein. You can modify what you put in them of course to fit you taste and Macro goals.

Reheat is easy. 1 min, flip 30 sec in the microwave.

Pairs well with the hot sauce.


Stealing that for sure.

seriously season it how you want, cook the chicken, then potatoes then eggs. Mix it all up in a bowl, then assembly line it . foil, tortilla, filling, serving of cheese wrap, put in gallon ziplock bag.

Put onions, peppers whatever you want.

Yes, sorry I should have specified that.

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Kinda weird but I usually heat up some type of cooking fat in a pan, briefly pan fry a packet of microwave rice then chuck in 4-6 eggs and scramble. 10 minutes absolute tops, and it hoenstly tastes pretty decent imo

For some ideas: https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Harvest-collection-semen-based-recipes/dp/1481227041


All - genuine thanks.
I’ll try some of these out. I’m pretty sure at least one of them will work.

omg that cracked me up :laughing:

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Could you share the quantities you use? Wrapped with bread or just foil?

How long would you say this holds over when refrigerated?

How big a bag?

I’ve been meaning to start a thread like this to get some ideas.

@flappinit - Haven’t you mentioned some egg thing with spinach, hot sauce, and avocado before? Something like that?