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Easy bar pain

Lately when i finish a set of curls and I set the easybar down I get this sharp pain up the outside of my wrist and the bottom of my forearm. I would pay it no mind but it’s acctually quite painfull. I’m wondering if I’m lifting to much weight or if my tendons aren’t up to par. I had to skip my last set lastnight and move to the barbells cuz it’s so damn painfull. Could somebody please enlighten me?

Sounds to me like you’ve got some tendonitis in your forearm. I have the same trouble, but it really only hurts me once I let go of the weight.
Do yourself a favor and go see an ART practitioner.

I get the same thing, shooting pain in my forarms when I set a barbell down, after curls. Simple solution - switch to dumbells. They never bother me, and I feel they are more effective anyway. If you must do barbell curls, do them at the end of your bi routine, that way your bis are already fatigued, and you can use less weight.

It could be two things, but I am pretty sure its not tendonitis. You could be using improper form, unknowingly, and letting your elbows drift out because of the load you are using. This takes some emphasis of the bicep and places it on the forearm causing the pain.
Or it could be forearm splints, like shin splints, and these don;t go away but you can work around them/use lighter weights etc.
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That happens to me too. It got so bad that i had to switch to dumbells, i can’t even use the easybar anyomore. But i agree, dumbells are more effective. I am curious as to anything that could be done to fix it withought seeing a doc.(since I’m a poor college student) If anyone else has any more Info on this i would appreciate it.

They are forearm splints and yes they will go away. Stay away from preacher curls, use ice after workouts, and get some lifting straps. Yeah you’ll look like a retard for using straps for curling, but trust me it helps.

This may sound like a totally off-the-wall explanation, but as I sit here and type away, I wonder if it might have something to do with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. If you do a lot of typing at the computer, and your form isn’t so hot, then this could be the culprit. Take a look at Ian King’s “Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching” also, as it contains some forearm stretches that may be worthwhile.

In my case, it’s tendonitis. It developed in my forearm about 7 years ago and hurts me off and on. Tendonitis was the diagnosis at the time when I saw the MD, but I suppose it’s very possible it’s misdiagnosed since they took no x-rays. It flared up really bad about two weeks ago, and my entire forearm was swollen and sounded like rice-crispies any time I moved it. I’m having ART done for my shoulder trouble and the doc’s helping me with the forearm now too.
Dumbbells don’t bother me too much, unless it’s already inflammed or I go really heavy doing standing curls leaned over a preacher bench.
Without a doc looking at it, I doubt there’s really any certainty about your condition. I went with the tendonitis theory because your symptoms sound really similar to mine, but who the hell knows?
Mine hurts at the initial loading when I pick the weight up and extend the arm down the first time, then doesn’t hurt again until I let go. At this point, there’s a shooting pain down and wrapping around my forearm from the pinky-side of my palm down to the elbow. It halfways feels like it’s on fire and halfway feels like it’s tearing. I always got good results from soaking the afflicted area in absorbine jr before going to bed when it acts up (smells just as bad as the creams but doesn’t leave a greasy film). The doc instructed me to put ice on it for 20 minutes at a time every 2 hours for a few days to help with the inflamation.