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Eastside Training

Hey everyone! A follower for many years I decided to start my own log. So let me give you some background. From young age I started playing sports-mainly soccer(typical for my country), but basketball and others too. Long story short the first time I started training in a gym was when I was 20(I’m 28 now) .The last 4 years I’ve been training between 4 and 8 times a week. I’m not obsessed with nutrition or even a training style,i actually try to do a little bit of everything. Lately I’ve been doing high volume training-some form of GVT (From what I am hearing it is a almost crazy amount too) but I feel better than ever so I will try my best to finish this training cycle of 12 weeks.
I’m on the 3rd week already but I want to see if someone has similar experience to mine with the higher volume and too find if others think that is excessive.
That’s Preston Bare’s GVT program(with minimum twists by my humble self)

Week 1, day 1
DB bench-10x10 - 25 kg db
Decline hammer press-10x10-55 on side
Side lateral db raises10x10-4 kg
Upright row -10x12 - 25 kg bar (I didn’t liked the movement too much)
Cable rope tri pushdown-10x10 - 17,5 kg
DB one-arm tri ext - 5x12(started with 10 the 1st one but went 7kg afterwards)
Have in mind that the scheme for the reps are 4 seconds on the negative phase and 1/2 on the positive. Except in the tri movements, those were with 2 sec negative, 1 positive. Rest periods between 30 sec and 1 min 10 max.

W1, D2

Lat pulldown - 10x10 - 50 kg,
Cable row-10x10-55
One arm db row - 5x8-30
Kneeling cable pullovers(rope) - 5x12-12,5
Machine preacher curl-10x10-20 kg
Standing BB curl - 5x12-30 kg bar - not a fan of the movement, I’ll change it.
Facepulls - 10x10 - going up and down in weight

W1, d3
Back squat - 10x10 - 20 kg per side
Leg extensions - 10x10 - 29
Lying ham curl - 10x10 - 29
Leg press(unilateral) 5x10-100
Dog tired and going crazy fast because the gym was closing. That was a very very stressful experience.

W1, d4
Bench press - 10x10-20 per side
Cable fly - 10x10 - 6kg
Shoulder press (barbell) - 10x10-5kg.
Front disc raises - 10x10 - 10kg disc
DB shrugs - 10x10-15 kg
Cable overhead ext - 5x15
Same as the day before. Going crazy fast. I’m finishing too late at work so I’m running home, eating a banana and running to the gym from there.

W1, d5
Seated cable rows - 10x10-60
Pull ups - 10 x max (strict - so just 7 or 8)
Cleans - 5x5-20 per side in a superset with jumping Jacks - 10. Minimal rest

So you get the idea. The last two weeks I’ve been modifying the routine a bit because that way it is more interesting for me but the idea stays the same. Basically close to a 10minutes Emom for about 7-8 excersises with 35 to 1, 30 (max rest). I just came from a epic leg day (where it works best for me). I think it’s more than enough for a first post

So it seems that changing countries is not that easy. What a colossal bureaucratic mess it was. Since it is finally over and all gyms are closed I have the perfect opportunity to start over.
4km run
Loredo WOD- 20 min- (24 airsquats,24 push-ups,24 walking lunges , 400m run)
Cindys Cousin-AMRAP 20 min-5 burpees, 10 push-ups,15 airsquats
100 pull-aparts with RED band + 3x10 shoulder retractions

Yesterdays work:
Circuit max 35 min to finish it :
10 min of jump role(I’m very bad at it)
10 burpees
25 push-ups
10 burpees
25 push-ups
50 lunges
100 crossfit sit-ups(absolute no idea about the real name but you can see it as a full sit-up too)
10 burpees
25 push-ups
50 lunges
100 of the same ab exercise
100 squats
Did it in 31 min.
2 min rest and than
8 rounds of :
11 Hand release push-ups
30 lunges
20 sit-ups

Straight work - 4 rounds of
Triset- push-ups with purple band x 20, shoulder press with red band x 12-15, shoulder retractions x 12
4 rounds x 12/15
Double-arm purple band row
Red band pull aparts
Overhead squat with stretched band

32 intervarls of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest(tabata style)8 rounds per excercise
Band Pull-aparts
Air Squats

20minute EMOM:
20 push-ups
20 band rows*purple
20 burpees(that Killed me)
20 lunges

20 Minute AMRAP
5 Band Row*purple band with supinated grip
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

8x100 sprints

4km run
10 minutes of rope
In 30 min :

  • 400 jumping jacks
  • 100 burpees
  • 200 hand release push ups
  • 300 bodyweight squats
  • 400 jumping jacks
    Followed by :
    10 minutes rope

Band Pull-aparts +overhead presses with red band-320
Laying face down behind the neck presses +YTWI Holds(30 sec each) - 15 presses with thd red band
Bulgarian squat with purple band - 3
Full front rises with red band 3x10

Yesterdays work:
Jumping lunges-40/36/32/28/24/20/24/28/32/36/40 with a rest period 1:1 (max 40 sec.)
6x30 sec push-up holds
6x30 split squat(lunge) holds-those were very, very hard.
60 sec squat hold+max reps with 10 sec lowering phase x 3
3x10 full stop push-ups with purple band
30sec hold at top + 12 slow reps band pull-aparts x 3
6 short sprints
3x30-YTWI holds
2x10 - cuffs

Good on you for getting the work in

It’s getting really hard lately. I don’t know about physically, but it’s affecting me mentally. I need my routine or at least some type of regular life
Todays work:
30 minute workout(5 rounds each)
Min 1- 24 jumping lunges
Min 2- 20 slow push-ups
Min 3- 15 band thrusters
Min 4- 30 pull aparts
Min 5- 12 burpees
Min 6 - 20 V-ups

10x30 meter sprints from different starting positions ( after a broad jump, from push-up, etc)
A very low volume day for me. I am planning on going for quick 5k run in about an hour or so but that’s going to be it for today.

3 rounds of :
30 jumping jacks
10 single leg bodyweight RDL
5 Push-ups to downward Dog3 sec Pause

3x15 Push-upsPurple Band + 3x15 chest pressesPurple Band
3x15 purple band Deadlifts (3 sec eccentric) + 3x15 One-hand RowRed Band+3x10 One-arm lateral raisesRed Band
3x15 Biceps CurlPurple Band ( 3 sec slow eccentric)+ 3x20 One-hand triceps extensionsred band

30-10-30 Split squat-(copied our fearless leader new method and it is a mother fluffer aka Christian Thibaudeau) I can’t believe that it is humanly possible to make it to the end. I’ll definitely try to incorporate that method more often

As fast as possible 4 rounds of -
40 rope jumps + 25 air squats

5 min Emom of 8 bodybuilding burpees

For Time:
Burpees and Jumping Lunges

Did it in 11 minutes

2 sets
-30sec Mountain Climbers
-60sec Flutter Kicks
-max time Plank

30-10-30 isn’t from CT, is it? Wasn’t that Darden, or am I thinking something else?

True. I saw that Christian wrote an article about it the other day…i am implementing few of his suggestions from the said article

Interval training:
3 km warm-up
8x20 sec sprinting/10 sec walking
another 3km cooldown(steady pace)

I missed running.Since the quarantine started i am down from 90 to 86,2 but i think it is mostly due to my lack of discipline with the food intake.Feel great though

Not my best day or effort but still managed to do some work:
Pike push-ups
Tri push-ups
Regular push-ups

3 rounds as fast as possible - 100 meters walking lunges, 50 air squats, 50 hip extensions

30-10-30(30 sec hold-10 reps- 30 sec hold) in rounds - push-ups with purple band, chest presses with purple band, Pull-aparts with red band

20 rounds for time:
5 push-ups
5 air squats
5 sit-ups

Rope jumps
+3*20- tri extensions with red band

EMOM: 2 rounds
10 air squats
10 alternating jumping lunges
Increasing the reps every interval by 2(10/10,12/12 etc)

10 push-upsPurple band followed by max hold at the top+ 30-10-30 Darden method for Pull-Aparts+ 20 slow eccentric(3 sec) curls with purple band

3x20 Tri extensions-Red Band

For Time:
100 air squats
80 stationary lunges
60 sit-ups
40 push-ups
20 burpees
40 push-ups
60 sit-ups
80 lunges
100 air squats

Did one of the HIIT sessions recommended by Ben Greenfield(Dr.Izumi Tabata Method training) and I was about to puke after the third sprint.
8x 20 sec sprinting/10 sec walking
3x20 meters sprints
1 set of max push-ups
Finally started stretching today.Did like 15/20 min of stretching while reading a book(only viable option for now)

5k Run

30 sec hold-10 slow reps-30 sec hold in push-ups,pull-aparts,rows with bands
YTWI-30 sec per position
RDL with bands(+dropset changing the color of the band) -3x25
Curls(purple) + Tri extension(red)- 3x20 no rest
1set to failure of 10 normal push-ups-10 close hand push-ups-10 pike push-ups

Nothing too serious.Today i am going out to sprint again. It’s been working for me.Those HIIT sessions produce the closest feeling to a gym session for me

10 x15 kb swings as explosive as possible
3x30 sec hold-20reps-max hold on band push-ups, shoulder presses, RDLS, Curls, tri ext,

Max hold at squat position + max reps in a minute

30 regular push-ups+ 30 jumping jacks
20 hindu push-ups+50 jumping jacks
12 hindu push-ups+50 jumping jacks
12 hindu push-ups+50 jumping jacks
10 hindu push-ups+30 jumping jacks
10 regular push-ups+10 diamond push-ups to failure-5 rounds
10 Tricep bodyweight skullcrushers+10 one-hand band tri extensions-4 rounds
Bicep curl dropset- 10 purple/10 red - 6 rounds
Facedown behind the neck press with fully stretched band+ band pull-aparts-10/10-5 rounds
Military press+burpees-10/5-5 rounds
Darden sets on split squat- x3
3x max reps explosive jumping lunges
3x leg raises(10),ab tucks(10),mountain climbers(20)
6x 20 meter sprints from push-up start
3x10 straight leg heel raises


20x20 meter sprints(as minimal rest as possible)

30-10-30 Darden on push-ups and band rows x 3
3x 45 sec push-ups iso holds
3x 45 sec band row iso holds
Superset-Hollow body hold+ Superman holds- 5xmax(no rest between series)
Triset- Band Front Raises+ Shoulder Presses+ Pull-aparts
Superset- Tri extensions + Bi Curls 3x20 no rest
30-10-30 Darden Split squat
60 sec iso holds on Squat
8x10 meter sprints from push-up start
3x Hollow body hold+Superman hold (for max time/no rest)
2 km constant tempo run

5 rounds of:50 air squats, 50 jumping lunges, 50 meters walking lunges
Max push-ups in a minute


20min AMRAP-20 push-ups, 20 jumping lunges, 20 squats,20 Mountain Climbers
10min AMRAP - 10 Banded Rowspurple band, 10 Banded rows red, 10 prison push-ups
8x10 meter sprints


30 min AMRAP- 20 push-ups, 20 walking lunges, 30 squats
Biceps Curl+ Triceps Overhead Extension- 20+20(purple/red bands)
5x20 meter sprints
150 jumping jacks
50 Burpees
3x max Hollow body hold+ Superman holds