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Eastern Style of Eating

Alright people?
last year i went out with a chinese girl (good times) and i liked to let her cook for me, proper eastern food. they have a recognised principle in their style of eating, generally not to mix protein/fat and protein/carbs, or even carbs and protein to a degree, kind of like JB’s recommendation. they have seperate dishes of all the constituent parts, like one of veg, one of rice, one of beef etc.

i undertstand that different enzymes/stuff go to work on the different (word lacking) types of food, in the mouth, and stomach, so would that help digestion+ absorption? they have far less digestive problems, average healthy asians are leaner than average caucasians in my experience, but on the flipside, they are tiny people, and western food styles have made them grow as a race in the last half century or so. any scientific basis for this method?

to pre-empt any ‘stupid question’ etc bullshit-
i’m young, inexperienced, but curious. any help? cheers.

I’m not quite sure I know what you’re trying to describe. Yes, Asians tend to separate their types of food when cooking, but when eating, all the stuff goes down at the same time (much like Westerners).

For example, a typical Chinese meal might consist of a meat dish, a vegetable dish, and a bowl of rice. Sure, they’re all separate to begin with, but we’ll shovel it all down at the same time, and at any point during the meal (and afterwards), there will be meat, veggies, and rice all together in our guts.

oh ok man. basically, any asian ive seen eat like that, they use chopsticks (slower eating- better digestion)) and eat from one bowl, then the next, so on.

[quote]dannyrat wrote:
Alright people?
last year i went out with a chinese girl (good times) and i liked to let her cook for me[/quote]

Shocking. I like letting others cook for me as well.

I’m half-Korean and I’m trying to think of some of Korean style dishes that have a high fat content and I can’t think of any. When I have a Korean dinner, there’s always white rice, various veggies prepared differently, and maybe some type of fish or bulgogi(beef). Cheese is definitely nonexistent in the Korean diet and I don’t think there such thing as eating bread with Korean food. There are Korean bakeries but it’s all mainly dessert pastries.

With regards to the Chinese avoiding certain food combinations, check out the Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity. The book list the various food combinations that the Taoist would avoid. They believe that certain food combinations would produce various digestive acids to break down the foods, but if they are opposing acids, they would become basic and cause indigestion, heart burn, etc. I think they are also vegetarian and don’t think that the human digestive system is designed to process meet. So take it for whatever it’s worth.